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Wombat Security Education Platform

Implementation was easy with minimal effort.

Easy to use with minimal setup.

ThreatSim, Wombat Security Education Platform

Cyber Security Awareness Training must-have

The application and support was exactly what I had hoped it would be. We're really excited about this this tool is going to do for our Cyber Security Awareness.


ThreatSim is quick to deply and easy to use

Wombat is a great company to work with. Their ThreatSim product provides useful and valuable results in an easy to use and user-friendly way.

ThreatSim, Wombat Security Education Platform

Employees thought more useful than previous security training

Although employees are never excitedto complete security training, feedback about he content and usefulness was positive.


It's easy and works

The Sales team was great to work with and after a few ThreatSim campaigns we've already seen an improvement in our employees security practices. Importing or employee list was easy with the csv import and it's great that later imports automatically deduplicate the employee list for you.

Wombat Security Education Platform

Wombat - Pretty Good Out of the Box

Our overall experience has been great. The onboarding, module selection, testing, and reporting have all gone well. We also found the vendor to be very competitive on pricing.

ThreatSim, Wombat Security Education Platform, Other...

Wombat proved why they are an industry leader in Security Training and Awareness.

Working with Wombat Security Technologies has been a very positive experience. From initial demo to POC to product implementation, Wombat has been very professional and helpful every step of the way. The level of involvement from their customer support makes you feel like they are genuinely interested in your organization's successful implemetation of their product. Additionally, they are supportive of our overall security initiatives by participating in our company's security fair as a sponsoring vendor.

Wombat Security Education Platform

Implementation was easy, ongoing support is minimal, users like the smaller size of module

Prior Security Awareness Education platforms were problematic; Java-based training (few platforms), large, long modules (2-3 hours). Wombat was easy to setup, modules are platform agnostic (PC, Mac, tablet, phone) and the modules are only 10-15 minutes in length. We used a third party to help manage; provided a list of active users and email addresses (from our internal Active Directory store) and the users had training. Providing a fresh list of active users each month allows us to only have active users in the reports. There are many canned reports and the system allows you to create your own reports on the fly. Wombat also includes the ability to phish your users and has two custom modules for phishing remediation. I am extremely satisfied with the solution.

ThreatSim, Wombat Security Education Platform

Easy implementation with excellent customer service.

Our overall experience with Wombat has been excellent. It is very easy to get up and running.

Wombat Security Education Platform

Easy to implement and high quality material well appreciated by our end-users.

The material works well with our internal policies and Wombat has been always responsive to our requests for minor changes and new languages.