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RSA Security Analytics

Standing up an Incident Response Team, and new logging capabilities

It has been great working with this vendor. Great communication, and support.


RSA Authentication Manager - Expensive, but worth it!

Stable solution that has met all of our needs from a dual factor authentication perspective. A little pricey, but worth the money spent.

RSA Security Analytics

Implementation was easy, product is as described, but customer service is only okay.

My experience with Security Analytics has been great. I find it to be an extremely useful tool. It aids in my hunting capacity as well which is something that few tools besides splunk make it easy to do. I have nothing but positive things to say about the tool.

RSA Security Analytics

Powerful tool that requires decent level of customization to be valuable.

Account and support teams are very responsive and adaptable to arising issues. Product development has been traditionally slow, but still steady. Platform upgrades tend to be rocky.

RSA Adaptive Authentication

Requires new features

Still progressive

RSA Security Analytics

Implementation was very complex but the vendor was on field from the beginning

The vendor give us all the support we nedeed

RSA Security Analytics

Geared towards hunters. More complicated to operate, but also more powerful.

We were leaning towards LogRhythm because we had in-house skills with that platform. We invited RSA to compete as a courtesy, really, since we have a strong EMC relationship. It suprised us all when Security Analytics whupped LogRhythm in pretty much every area, and they were very competitive on price. LogRhythm, like many of the players in this space, is like an iPhone - your get lots of shiny bells and whistles, but you can't really go outside the box they have defined for you. Security Analytics was like an Android phone in comparison - has basic features out of the box, but really comes alive when you start tweaking it to your liking. Very extendable, and even our CSIRT team, which used LogRhythm prior, appreciate the extendable parsing and alerting engines.

RSA Security Analytics

Security Analytics is a highly customizable solution that blew me away

After we go over the initial hurdles with implementation we discovered Security Analytics to be extremely full-featured and highly customizable. We were able to quickly get the return on investment, when we started having use cases and visibility into areas we were previously blinded to, and provided support to groups for troubleshooting major applications.

RSA Security Analytics

Solid choice for PCAP Analytics

A conservative choice for PCAP at the border with a solid user community and road support. Good analytics and reliable capture. Very expensive to get enough storage to meet retention needs for large enterprises though, and writing rules can require very specialized skills.

RSA Security Analytics

RSA Security Analytics in name only.

Released prematurely while not focusing well on log collection.