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Elastic Stack

Flexible to meet the business needs

As provided by the integrator, the application and methodology provides the flexibility to enforce and monitor.

Elastic Stack

Implementation was easy

Good experience

Elastic Stack

Implementation and integration is relatively painless, but dashboards in Kibana are not.

We're very pleased with how easy it is to get set up and running. The main drawback is the learning curve for the querying of Elasticsearch and setting up visualizations and dashboards in Kibana.

Elastic Stack, Other...

There is some high learning curve, but it really pays off

ElasticSearch is very responsive to respond with issues, they will go out the extra mile to ensure things are good


Implementation was relatively straight forward, however security was an issue.

As a large financial institution, it was incredibly hard to onboard the vendor because of their struggle with adhering to the terms. They need to understand and better align with large institutions

Elastic Stack

Scalability of the platform and coupled with functionality was key to a smooth deployment

Product was an excellent functional fit for core business requirements.The development teams were able to download the software prior to final licence agreement. Throughout the process we had named contacts for solution design and designated support contacts.

Elastic Stack

Easy to implement and start using the product right out of the box- fast to install

Very good overall features and capabilities.

Elastic Stack

Review of ELK Stack for Enterprise Logging

While the ELK stack is new, it is used other places on a scale that is much greater than ours. The technology is complex but they supported us well and it has worked very well. This was a foundational service in our Micro-services, hyprid cloud architecture.

Elastic Stack

Worked out well, lacking a few features from Splunk

Ability to scale up the solution has been reletaviely easy. Initially deployed an older version of Elasticsearch and kibana to allow us to integrate ES with Spring Data Elasticsearch module. That proved to be a mistake as we had issues upgrading from ES 1 to 2 later. Additionally, we considered implementing an AWS managed elasticsearch instance, but found that transport protocol was not supported so we had to run our own instances in EC2 instead. It turned out to be a rather easy process to spin up.


Elastic Stack

The product is highly customizable and open.

Excellent overall.