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Overall, not bad. Once deployed, configured, and tuned the product works very well.

Overall, not bad. This product has a lot of potential and is at a competative level with Splunk, especially in terms of pricing. Only experienced minor issues with the pre-5.x version(s) and, at the time, it could be challenging to find answers or sollutions when addressing them.


Solid product, easy setup but requires skilled system administration to manage updates

All interactions during evaluation phases and implementation have been great

Elasticsearch/Logstash/Kibana-(ELK), Other...

EFK does the job for initial deployment, but needs work to achieve production quality

Just starting the relationship with the vendor. Responsive so far, and willing to help, but the solution does not provide the full need as we are using EFK (in particular FluentD for scalability and persistence reasons.


it’s not only about log analytics – It’s also what goes in them.

The ELK stack is an incredibly powerful tool which really can revolutionise how logs are viewed. Awful puns aside, it’s a powerful and versatile stack that can seriously optimise the workload of operations, and at the same time expose fresh insights to business. The ELK implementation greatly simplified the aggregation and searching of data across servers. Tracing problems across services or collecting metrics on bug fixes and infrastructure upgrades can all easily done in real-time through a simple web interface. It was found that log messages including correlation keys, for example session or transaction IDs were especially ripe for analysis.


Flexible to meet the business needs

As provided by the integrator, the application and methodology provides the flexibility to enforce and monitor.


Implementation was easy

Good experience


Implementation and integration is relatively painless, but dashboards in Kibana are not.

We're very pleased with how easy it is to get set up and running. The main drawback is the learning curve for the querying of Elasticsearch and setting up visualizations and dashboards in Kibana.

Elasticsearch/Logstash/Kibana-(ELK), Other...

There is some high learning curve, but it really pays off

ElasticSearch is very responsive to respond with issues, they will go out the extra mile to ensure things are good


Successful Elasticsearch rollout

Elasticsearch has performed well and exceeded expectations.


Implementation was relatively straight forward, however security was an issue.

As a large financial institution, it was incredibly hard to onboard the vendor because of their struggle with adhering to the terms. They need to understand and better align with large institutions