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FortiSIEM (formerly AccelOps)

Probably doing better having been acquired by Fortinet

This all happened before AO was acquired by Fortinet. There was a lot of organizational churn within Accelops at all levels. But the people we worked with were great - they tried hard but their internal politics strangled us.

FortiSIEM (formerly AccelOps)

An out-of-the-box product that performs as advertised.

Product implementation was straight forward and performed as advertised. Overall cost to performance delivered a better ROI for our system then the competitors.

FortiSIEM (formerly AccelOps)

Promises the world, but severely lacking.

Inconsistent results, poor performance, long lead times to enhancements.

FortiSIEM (formerly AccelOps)

Product Support is lagging.

Support for the product seems to have lagged.

FortiSIEM (formerly AccelOps)

Accelops has been easy to deploy and started flagging issues in the environment almost immediately.

Just recently implemented. Vendor has been fine so far.

FortiSIEM (formerly AccelOps)

Newcomer Accelops wows for alerting.

Accelops is willing to bend over backward for us to gain market share and possible references.