Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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Arcsight ESM

Implementation very complicated

Very difficult to install and operate

Arcsight ESM

solid product, some search performance architectural limitations.

we've had some scalability issues from time to time but it's worked as expected consistently.

Arcsight ESM, Logger

Complex implementation with severe delays but positive outcome

Arcsight is extremely powerful when implemented correctly. issues with complexity around infrastructure and maintenance

Arcsight ESM

The beast of the SIEM come to roost.

Love Archsight, the professional services was a bit light for my expereince. Getting to "Phase 1" (e.g., syslogs) was pretty east...the follow on phases are tougher.

Arcsight ESM, Logger

Implementation was complex, but having the right people on hand made it easier.

Overall the experience was positive, although there were some stumbling blocks in getting to the end.

Arcsight ESM, Logger

Deployment and onboarding progress is vague and unstructured.

Product deploys with vulnerabilities and not remediated immediately after installation.

Arcsight ESM, Logger

Not a quick install. Mainly our fault.

Took to long, Our fault.

Arcsight ESM, Logger

ArcSight. Great tool if configured correctly. Staff is well trained.

Highly complex. In our environment, executive level leaders want "install and walk away" technologies. No knock on HP, but that philosophy won't work with ArcSight.

Arcsight Express, HPE ArcSight ConApp, Logger

Excellent product, but requires a dedicated team of experts to maximize its usefulness.

Arcsight Logger and ConApp allowed us to quickly aggregate logs from many different source systems and applications. Analysis, reporting, alerting functions took longer to implement than we had desired.

Arcsight Express

Very flexible product, but requires development of reports.

Good product with a lot of flexibility built-in, but requires development of custom reports to maximize value.