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Arcsight ESM

Implementation is easy, but finding the real important events is sometimes complicated.

A strong experience with the product is required because of the overall functionality and possibilities. The concept of binding different sources with the help of smartconnectors is very handy. It isn't easy to get the right information from the source because of the parsing engine, which is powerful but not well described in detail.

Arcsight ESM, Logger

Implementation was easy but more tools required for better analysis and maintainence.

Overall the support from OEM has been good. Algorithm for encryption of stored logs was not confirmed,hence different solution for encryption had to be used to ensure secure log storage.

ArcSight Data Platform (ADP), Arcsight ESM, Logger

ESM is a development tool that is only limited by your imagination on what it can do.

Implemention of ESM is straightforward. Maintenance and operations of ESM doesn't present any unusual challanges. ESM is a development tool that is only limited by your imagination on what it can do.

ArcSight Data Platform (ADP), Arcsight ESM, Logger

Scalable, flexible design, best when paired with experienced support

The flexible architecture allows adaption to complex environments, and the ability to scale as necessary. It does require experienced experts to deploy correctly in a complex environment, but this experience/knowledge is readily available from the vendor and 3rd parties. Vendor support at all levels has been good to exceptional. Design and features have progressed rapidly to keep pace with industry changes. Support for source devices is maintained and updated frequenly.

Arcsight ESM

Implementation was smooth as we had a dedicated team supllemented by Professional Services

Overall the experience was good but some issues did arise in terms of technical support and licensing once HP acuired ArcSight.

Arcsight ESM

Very flexible, but more advanced in implementation.

Very flexible compared to other products, meets all expectations for a SIEM.

Arcsight ESM

Complex Implementation, Sound Product, Best of Breed in Correlation, Very complex Licensin

ArcSight is a sound product. I am glad they have a strong user community that has been more helpful to me than the HPE Support and Services. I have always had trouble navigating their website and support services.

Arcsight ESM, Logger

Solution is great, however visualization need to improve. HTML 5 should be considered

Provided visualized information for the team to act on the incidents alert

Arcsight ESM, Logger

Ease of implementation depends on great partnership developed between organizations

HPE provides great support for the current ArcSight impmentation and future requirements. ArcSight, as the most widely used SEIM product within DOD, allows for HPE to have knowlege of implementations and use cases being developed and established within this community that allows for better integration and collaboration of Cyber Awareness

ArcSight Data Platform (ADP), Arcsight ESM

HPE ArcSight - Powerful SIEM tool for SOC

Very good experience with HPE. The Sales team was present locally helping us to finalize on the designs and also participated in stakeholder meetings.