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McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

ESM dose it all.

The ESM product from McAFee will analyse almost any type of data you can send its way. We currently use several industry standards and custom configurations to log data for correlation.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Easy Implementation Easy to Use - Just Plain Easy

We've worked with McAfee/Intel Security for just over two years now. We have had issues, but the most important part is that they always respond to those issues by taking it seriously and working to resolve them quickly.

McAfee ePO

ePO is a strong tool for managing your endpoints but needs a beefy database server.

EPO has been a responsive and agile solution to managing about 100,000 endpoints and providing important and relevant information and alerting as well as trending and analysis. From broad generalities to very granular information, it's easy and intuitive to be able to tailor your efforts to the goals you've identified. However, the estimates for the database backend are severely underestimated. If deploying or supporting more than a couple of products (especially a super chatty product like Solidcore) their estimations could easily be doubled to truly address the data access and throughput demands.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Mutli level engagement and support

The vendor has a comprehensive stack of engagement including sales, community feedback, involvement, technical guidance and expertise, and support capabilities.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Fast Deployment, Just Make Sure You Know How To Upgrade

They were able to adapt the tool to meet our business needs. Within 10 hours of being installed, it was identifying suspicious behaviour.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Useable data analytics and Event drilldown make the McAfee SIEM a Leading Performer

Started working with the McAfee SIEM at a previous employeer when it was under Nitro. Support and engineering was very helpful in configuring and support.


McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

attended a 4 day siem training provided through mcafee education and was very helpful

overall intitial installation configuration went smooth.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, McAfee ePO

Take a step before you run

Intel Support has been great this far easy to deal with, willing to dig in and resolve any matter

McAfee ePO

Plenty of 3rd Party support for Implementation and Managed Services for EPO Managment

EPO Orchestrator seems to work well and once reports created allow for a dashboard view of current desktop and server breaches (known)

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Provides good value at a justifiable cost.

Overall, this vendor provided the most reliable and extensible solution for the price. Past Security managers had purchased other solutions which were largely abandoned due to implementation woes and lack of buy-in. The McAfee suite's recent implementation suffered from none of those woes, and was successfully put in place with minimal fuss.