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McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

attended a 4 day siem training provided through mcafee education and was very helpful

overall intitial installation configuration went smooth.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, McAfee ePO

Take a step before you run

Intel Support has been great this far easy to deal with, willing to dig in and resolve any matter

McAfee ePO

Plenty of 3rd Party support for Implementation and Managed Services for EPO Managment

EPO Orchestrator seems to work well and once reports created allow for a dashboard view of current desktop and server breaches (known)

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Provides good value at a justifiable cost.

Overall, this vendor provided the most reliable and extensible solution for the price. Past Security managers had purchased other solutions which were largely abandoned due to implementation woes and lack of buy-in. The McAfee suite's recent implementation suffered from none of those woes, and was successfully put in place with minimal fuss.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Implementation was easy and the search engine is great!

The product is highly easy to manage and have a lot of platforms to connect by default.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Product works great however documentation was lacking.

The product works as expected and has greatly reduced the amount of time I spend pulling logs for our PCI audit. Documentation deploying the collection agent to sites that could not be polled via WMI was nonexistent. It took support several months of trial and error to get us workable documentation to deploy this agent in bulk. I was told ePO customers do not have this challenge.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Complex to implement, but worth it in the end.

Complex to implement, but worth the work in the end.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

need better reporting capability.

the SIEM is good and usable.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Look Elsewhere for your SIEM - Mcafee ESM is not it.

Customer support is very poor. Typically cases stay open for months at a time. Frequently the vendor closes the ticket without notifying the customer and without a resolution. Support also has a tendency to deny there is a bug or problem and pushes the customer to open a product enhancement request (PER). Those PERs hardly ever turn into actual features. Once Mcafee acquired NitroSecurity the product became even more unstable and had frequent patch updates. The patches tended to be buggy and then required hotfixes within a couple weeks. They were always pushing to upgrade and the upgrades tended to introduce more problems than they were supposed to solve.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Scalability Concerns with McAfee SIEM (ESM)

Our expectation to scale this solution to be a large scale log consolidation platform was ill-advised. The solution seems to have some value as a SIEM, but was almost unuseable with the sheer volume we threw at it. The vendor was very diffciult to work with in terms of scaling the solution. Much of this was purely technitacal limitation of the underlying architecture. Go into this solution understanding what its scalability limits will be and ensure that your expectations are in-line with this. If you are looking for a "big data" analystics solution for security/log events - proceed with caution.