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Sentinel, Sentinel Log Manager

Need attention to detail, delivers the data.

Overall it has been a good experience. It takes significant training to run these products.


Implementation's an easy soft-appliance;connects large variety of sources; great analytics

Scales extremely well under heay-load scenarios without affecting search performance. Excellent integration with AD or an Identity Management solution's feed to map permutations of usernames across disparate systems such that they all roll-up as the same logical user's activity, "Advisor" service maps Vulnerability Scan data to IPS/IDS alerts so that you know even if the attack had been allowed if it would have been successful or not. Our team aggressively applies upgrades as they release -- with major releases containing enhancements generally occuring twice a year -- so that we constantly deliver new value on existing investment.


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Overall support is lacking with NetIQ. Lack of knowledgeable partners. Not easy to configure and administer.


Product did not meet our needs


NetIQ Security Manager

Test out prior to purchase


Sentinel Log Manager

The product was what we need for our necesity

Very good