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Smooth product install

Very helpful and informative, actually the first person that I talked with did not seem to know a lot of information and actualy seemed a little inconvieneced that I was asking questions. But the sencond person that I was handed off to did a great job and was very helpful. No issues when reaching out to support, actually quick response time.

InsightIDR, Nexpose

Product experience has been great, but implementation model needs work.

In 2016 we implemented both Nexpose and InsightIDR to solve our Vulnerability Management, Policy Management, SIEM, and Incident Response needs. Experience thus far has been very positive with the products. Rapid7 product direction, onboarding, and user experience makes both of these products as close to "plug and play" as you can get in two challenging and complicated product spaces.


Implementation was easy and was able to use built in reporting right away

great support during POC. Migration to full license seemed to be a little overblown especialy since we had a rather on prem POC. Nevertheless, the installation was efficient and support for issues quiekly resolved.


"Implementation was extremely smooth with little to no interruption in the transition.

Rapid7 was extremely easy to work with and very energetic to get the product up and running in a limited amount of time.


Best in class support, many options for implementation, but also high maintenance.

Rapid 7 has some of the best support I have encountered in my career. However, the product itself appears to be rather high maintnence to weed out the high number of fals positives due to back ported patches.


Easily Implemented! Be careful of the vast amount of customizable configurations.

in upgrading our nexpose environment, we were successful in using virtual infrastructure to broaden the the coverage of the tool. Out of the box, the software is pretty reliable. In using some of the newer features, such as engine pooling, we ran into a few issues. Support wasn't great in assisting in figuring out how to solve our issue, but it did seem that the issues mostly arose due to a "perfect storm" of our configurations of sites and scans. More horsepower will not solve all problems...


Implementation was easy and programs and running well!

From what I've heard from the team, it's going well.


Great and Easy to Use

All positive and helpful


Works well, but definitely in need of maturity

Nexpose does its job well when it works. I've just had multiple issues that I think I shouldn't have with a vulnerability scanner, and it's been quite frustrating at times. Updates breaking my scan engines and/or console, poor error handling at times, no support for latest and greatest OS versions, not the best documentation, to name some of the issues I've encountered.


The tool delivers the results we need, the service is reliable and future developments are

Good customer service and support