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Product definitely does not work as advertised.

The proof of concept, sales and contract portion was smooth. At the conclusion of the POC they hand you off to the next tier which does not have the expertise as the pre-sales engineering team and resource availably is low. So during the POC their attention was high , after contract signing not so much.


Support is good but some functions are hard to understand.

Lacks good training for new users. Doesn't dive deep enough into servers to give the best results.


Awesome group of people to work with

Vendor is great at resolving any issues that arise

InsightIDR, Metasploit Pro, Nexpose

Pain free monitoring and install without the "error log" overload of traditional SIEM's

The initial sale team were noy pushy and allowed me to review in my own time whilst providing any assistance I needed. Support has been excelent from the organisation making me feal like I was their biggest or only customer, even tough I am one of thousands!

Metasploit Pro, Nexpose

Easy implementation with PS support.

easy install with PS support. Went well.


Shows promise, but needs stick time.

The product seems immature - the reporting capabilities were oversold. The vendor has also been promising upgrades "next quarter" for the past three quarters.


Nexpose, the Unreliable Vulnerability Scanner Solution

Solution probably works well for a Small to Mid-range company. Enterprise level companies need to look elsewhere as the solution is still too buggy and unreliable to provide precise results. MANY support calls, lack of extensive reporting, and questionable reports that you do receive are but a small part of the reason this solution should not be considered. Support constantly requests logs yet IF you hear back it's normally an "undetermined". Support overall is lacking in that it's based out of Ireland and we are in Central time so you need to get used to waiting days for a response for anyone to look at it and HOPE the last person you spoke with updates the case notes as they tend not to do so. New Dashboards, when they work, look good and do a decent job at identifying you have problems, then don't tell you which machines were actually identified as having the problem unless you drill down into each individual problem; useless. Suggestions to the product are made via an Idea board and if "enough" people support your idea the developers will supposedly incorporate it into a future release; although I see no proof of this and they are not clear on what "enough" is defined as. I knew this was going to be a problem as soon as I saw it used Java; and there are no plans to move to HTML 5. The solution was decided and implemented prior to my arrival otherwise it would not be here. Bottom Line; Unreliable.


All scanners arnt ready for cloud enviroments with elastic enviroments

The scanner does not work well with elastic assets. Some of the proserv talent were very good and others not so much. The major issue wasthey have proserv that are staffed with technical people that cant consume and convert business use cases into production control systems.


Smooth product install

Very helpful and informative, actually the first person that I talked with did not seem to know a lot of information and actualy seemed a little inconvieneced that I was asking questions. But the sencond person that I was handed off to did a great job and was very helpful. No issues when reaching out to support, actually quick response time.

InsightIDR, Nexpose

Product experience has been great, but implementation model needs work.

In 2016 we implemented both Nexpose and InsightIDR to solve our Vulnerability Management, Policy Management, SIEM, and Incident Response needs. Experience thus far has been very positive with the products. Rapid7 product direction, onboarding, and user experience makes both of these products as close to "plug and play" as you can get in two challenging and complicated product spaces.