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Nexpose, Other...

Easy to implement solution. Provides concise vulnerability information.

easy to install and configure; good performance; product works well


Excellent SIEM Product for ease of use

Very easy to work with and knowledge support and documentation for ease of setup.


Out of box solution for user analytics

Product has lived up to expectations


InsightIDR; a SEIM without requiring a FTE to maintain it

Rapid7 is a first rate company from the pre-sales, implmentation, POC, and post support. They are very responsive if your enviornment and making sure the product is performing to your needs.


Rapid7 InsightIDR Rocks!

Rapid7 is great to work with. They are quick to respond and they listen. Their products are top-notch as is their staff.


Product definitely does not work as advertised.

The proof of concept, sales and contract portion was smooth. At the conclusion of the POC they hand you off to the next tier which does not have the expertise as the pre-sales engineering team and resource availably is low. So during the POC their attention was high , after contract signing not so much.

InsightIDR, Metasploit Pro, Nexpose

Pain free monitoring and install without the "error log" overload of traditional SIEM's

The initial sale team were noy pushy and allowed me to review in my own time whilst providing any assistance I needed. Support has been excelent from the organisation making me feal like I was their biggest or only customer, even tough I am one of thousands!


Shows promise, but needs stick time.

The product seems immature - the reporting capabilities were oversold. The vendor has also been promising upgrades "next quarter" for the past three quarters.

InsightIDR, Nexpose

Product experience has been great, but implementation model needs work.

In 2016 we implemented both Nexpose and InsightIDR to solve our Vulnerability Management, Policy Management, SIEM, and Incident Response needs. Experience thus far has been very positive with the products. Rapid7 product direction, onboarding, and user experience makes both of these products as close to "plug and play" as you can get in two challenging and complicated product spaces.


Easy to deploy cloud based SEIM that fills in the gaps

Vendor has been very quick to respond to any issues and was very helpfully in the rollout process.