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Splunk App for Enterprise Security

Great Splunk implementation

Very powerful tool, completely satisfied, however extensive training is needed in order to maximum use of the offered features.

Splunk App for Enterprise Security

Splunk Enterprise Security Implementation

Work with the Vendor throught the proof of concept, design, and implementation phase. Smooth transition and worked was completed on time or ahead of schedule.

Splunk App for Enterprise Security

ease of use and installation, and how processes large amounts of data

Pros The charts and visualizations that you can create in general have a good look and it has the minimum functionalities expected as a user (export, filtering, search, etc), I spent some time trying to understand the interface and functionalities but once I started to load some data and use the search I was able to see the capabilities of the product. Recommendations I am happy with this software and I would recommend this if you want to analyze real time data.

Splunk App for Enterprise Security

SPLUNK - Cloud Rollout of ES

bad custoer support and service; difficult excalation and support paths; low lovel of engagement with the vendor since sale

Splunk App for Enterprise Security, Other...

Easy to implement and run.

Great level of support! Local engineers and customer base are extremely supportive.

Splunk App for Enterprise Security

Great search tool beyond just cyber security operations. A Swiss army knife for the IT.

Great product for what's designed to do. A bit learning curve for staff who ever used the Splunk search language.

Splunk App for Enterprise Security

Splunk review.

The tool is working alright from the log gathering perspective. Splunk, however, is not a do-it-yourself piece of open source software. It requires technical configuration such as editing configuration files, indexing data, writing regular expression. It also requires a learning curve to understand where data is coming from and how Splunk will see them. Good feedback from Splunk includes: easy to search for data (i.e. type the string/parameter of info that you're looking for (e.g. a username), select a time range, and click the 'green - go' butter. Log entries pertained to a username displayed, while the query continues to run in the background if you selected a wider time range. Additionally, the log searching is fairly fast and it can return the requested data in a speedy manner.

Splunk App for Enterprise Security

Great SIEM tool and very easily customizable.

Great product and vendor support from Splunk.

Splunk App for Enterprise Security

Splunk is very flexible.

Splunk is great because of its flexibility. Many products have pre-defined views, where with Splunk, the sky is the limit.

Splunk App for Enterprise Security

Solid product with broad applicability.

Pre-sales experience very positive. Innovative and engaged account team. Onboarding process for cloud offering smooth and efficient. Professional services engagement held a few surprises - on-prem requirements that were not identified in planning meetings. Functionally the product is solid and the account team engaged.