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What is Security Service Edge?

Security service edge (SSE) secures access to the web, cloud services, and private applications. Capabilities include access control, threat protection, data security, security monitoring, and acceptable use control enforced by network-based and API-based integration. SSE is primarily delivered as a cloud-based service and may include on-premises or agent-based components.

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"Zscaler feature review"

Zscaler provides lot of features that can easily help any organization in their digitalization and movement to cloud. I have worked with CASB features that helps my organization in many ways. Right from O365 one click feature which helps in easily doing the job with just 1 click by enabling it to more complex DLP, CSPM, etc. features. I worked on a ground level to configure and deploy the features of Zscaler and i know that lot can be improved but compared to what others provide, i think Zscaler is a single organization that can provide variety of things under one roof. Till sometime back we had CASB which was Out-of-band but integration and working together with Zscaler was not at all tough. I cannot say that logs analytics is best in class but serve the purpose that my organization require for now. We are also looking for more enhanced Behavior analytics from log perspective and will continue to work with Zscaler to get what can be the best-in-class log analytics.

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"With MVISION UCE we accelerated our cloud adoption and implementation of our SSE strategy"

McAfee MVISION UCE Next Gen Secure Web Gateway is foundational for our Security strategy. Within a single platform with a single pane of glass we can effectively implement our SSE strategy and secure our remote workforce, monitor and govern cloud usage, secure our data in the cloud and consistently prevent and correct misconfigurations in our cloud IaaS infrastructure. McAfee UEBA and Threat Protection modules continuously provide us with the meaningful information out of millions of events, allowing us to find the needle in the haystack and empowering our SOC to focus on real threats only.

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"Light weight solution that give you extra protection and visibility on cloud apps."

Umbrella is a great product to provide good protection for large multi national companies like mine, by ensuring that users do not access malware sites, malware using DNS is not able to find it's Command and Control systems, while allowing the business to granularly control what applications in the cloud users can and cannot use.

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"Top tier security for cloud based data, apps and risk controls. "

Provides all the main functions for cloud based data security - visibility, control over access and analytics. Streamlines the process of cloud based security. Real time controls which allow risk mitigation and threat protection. Potentially pricey product for smaller enterprises, but worth if for larger enterprises.

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"Data protection through Symantec"

Symantec Cloud Data Protection is used as Primary Antivirus, in today's world it's very important to work out security or our is at risk. Setup is very easy and provides excellent antivirus protection through regular updates, User interface is very easy can get all the information from the dashboard itself.

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"McAfee provides the security you need!"

McAfee has provided great protection for our entire server scanning for any viruses and security issues.

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"Together with Netskope Security Cloud I will be sufficiently protected."

Thanks to the help of Netskope Security Cloud, my work can continue with the guarantee that I have a software that supports all the operations that I can carry out over the course of weeks, this platform gives my work a distinction for security and quality that it offers me to intercept those threats against my database and be able to continue without any problem, seems very natural and easy to implement for the enjoyment of all its users.

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"Really like the product, but the service puts it above the rest."

The deployment has been smooth and any bumps that we have seen, the excellent support time has dedicated their time to helping us resolve them.

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"Prisma Access brings enterprise level security to your remote workforce"

Myself and my leaders are massive advocates for Prisma Access. As we were an existing Palo Alto networks customer we choose Panorama managed Prisma Access as that fit in best for our needs. Prisma Access has allowed us to easily take the security posture that we maintained when our employees were working from the office and apply the same level of protection to them when they are working remotely, from any location, from any connection. We've been able to do this without any detrimental impact to the way or speed that they work. It's difficult to compare the the overall visibility and manageability of our fleet of endpoints now as compared to before Prisma Access.

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"Safe gard of your system and data"

now a days every one using Internet and most of the threats come from browsing. to safe gard your system from these threats you must need protection. McAfee Web Protection is one of these product which can help you from these threats. you can manage your Browsers and create policy as per your need. also there are in-built categories which will help you more. you can also you this to avoid data breach.

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"Web Isolation and WSS has changed the Security Perspective for Remote Employees."

We have Integrated multi vendor network Environment. So far we are pretty much satisfied with the performance and the broad features available within the Symantec Security Network. We would like to dedicate this review to the Web Isolation from the Symantec which provides the complete network Isolation security to the unknown network along with it we have now WSS which we recently had for our network. It provides best security for the employees who are working from home. It has no doubt changed the overall security perspective for the employees who are working from home.

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"Mid-Size Dual Offices with Traditional Values Review"

Our representative is always checking in with us and quick to get support involved if we need assistance. Any support call we've had has always been prompt. They continue to grow and expand the product adding capabilities at a rapid rate, which is certainly a requirement for security services.

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"Going to Netskope SWG from another leading NextGen SWG was the right choice for us"

We have worked with another Cloud Based NextGen SWG vendor before switching to Netskope. The migration itself was well prepared using Netskope professional services and was mostly seamless to the end-user. We also deployed their Netskope Desktop Client in the roll-out which adds more security to our devices since it enforces 24/7 usage of Netskope regardless if a user is connected to our corporate network or directly on the internet. Like with any product/platform changes there was a learning curve but overall it did not take long to get used to the Netskope environment.

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"Forcepoint Web Security (Cloud) is a first choice for security"

We have certain restrictions that we can place on our work staff thanks to this program, our computers are completely secure and we have a natural administration with all the functions and options that this platform presents us, in these years we are really comfortable with the methodology that has this program is very easy to use and understand, Forcepoint Web Security is a first choice for a pleasant administrative security.

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"Proofpoint will help protect what really matters, the employee!"

Ever since implementing Proofpoint our email security is at an all time high. I worked with the reps to get Proofpoint integrated during the early phases of a domain and tenant migration in our company. After just a few months we were able to cut over to having Proofpoint as our primary mail protection and have been improving its accuracy since then.

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"Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Review"

Trend Micro InterScan Web Security is very comprehensive as it includes sandboxing, DLP and access control. User traffics can be monitored in real-time and able to identify any unusual behavior. Trend Micro InterScan Web Security deployment may be complicated and take longer time to setup.

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"Most effective and misunderstood security technology"

The Menlo Security Isolation Platform adds tremendous value to our information security program by keeping web based threats isolated far and away from our endpoints. It also prevents a large number of security events to follow up on since our detect and response tools are never triggered by web based threats.

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"Superb CASB solution to protect your users and cloud assets "

We're using Cisco Cloudlock with our Cisco umbrella to complement our endpoint web security for remote workers. Cisco cloudlock provides a very good discovery to shadow IT and block any attempts to access unsanctioned wen applications which is important to reduce the potential attack surface. Additionally i like Cloudlock as our primary CASB solution to protect our users and assets. the Data discovery and app discovery is one of them main strength. The deployment was simple and we managed to integrate it with most of our cloud serveries.

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"Efficient cloud Access Security Brokers"

This is a luxury to be used, and we are amazed at how complete it is, through encryption to administration and intelligence. It gives us more authority over all of our terminals and application variants, as well as the ability to connect it to our organization's mobility administration platforms as well as other applications to implement endpoint accessibility rules. It not only effectively enhances cloud and personal software security control, but it also delivers considerable data searching skills to us throughout multi-cloud setups.

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"An indispensable software for cloud security."

Prisma SaaS is a tool specially designed for security in the cloud and is responsible for the identification, detection and mitigation of threats with powerful monitoring of suspicious activities that occur. Our security management in the cloud is the responsibility of all departments and currently we use many softwares so that our work always has the highest possible security. We have implementations of cloud access security software from well-known companies, we use products from Palo Alto and Microsoft, we have not found very notable differences between different alternatives, we are only using several cloud security software to reduce risks due to possible periods of inactivity of some of the software, they have never failed us.

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