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Banner ERP

Overall satisfied with Banner ERP

Mostly satisfied with ERP fuctionality and and services provided by vendor

Banner ERP

Banner XE Headaches

The vendor seems to have gone AWOL and leaving it up to customers to fend for themselves and figure out the path forward. Some institutions are choosing to continue along the Banner path, but many others are looking around for other solutions.

Banner ERP

Very costly to implement.

Very expensive application, very labor intensive, and the mandatory Oracle data base is outrageously expensive. The Banner product is very old world and in need of planned upgrades over the next few years.


Banner ERP

Are Banner's Best Days Behind Them?

The core ERP products work, however the rate of updates on key areas is lagging. One example is the capability of the student ERP to handle preferred name for our students that may want to use a different name than their legal name for some elements (class rosters for example). Support of prefered name has become more than a vanity concern within Higher Ed, yet it is our understanding that the Banner product roadmap does not include addressing this issue for quite a while (at least two revision cycles from now). Additionally, support for 3rd-party products (products created by other vendors like Oracle) but branded by Elliucian is lacking. One example is the Banner Data Defense product. It has been over 2 years since the purchase of the product and we are still working with Ellucian support and their 3rd-party provider to implement two key elements of the product. For the implementation of products internally-developed by Ellucian (for example products initially developed for a non-Banner platform but later adapted for the Banner ERP), we have had mixed results. At times, it has felt that we have been beta-testers of products, even though we understood we were buying production products. Also, Ellucian's consulting service has been hit or miss over the past few years.

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Twenty years plus as a customer and still receiving reliable support.

Worked with the vendor since implementation of the software under a previous company group. The company name has changed a few times but the quality of the product and support has been non-changing.

Banner ERP

Implementation was difficult due to several factors

Perhaps largest challenge is the culture of my organization

Banner ERP

Poor implementation experience and tool performance.

The tool has not been enhanced, functionality wise, in a number of years. It is the forgotten child of the Banner suite of products.

Banner ERP

A Dated User Interface with a Much Needed Update on the Way.

Ellucian Banner is one of the premier higher education ERP systems available in the market. The current version 8.5.x is built on Oracle Forms and HTML technology that is rapidly becoming out of date. Ellucian is working on a new version of the product that is being built on a new architecture that will provide a more robust end-user experience that is more consistent with modern web technologies.The progress to completion has been slow with Ellucian adopting an incremental approach to releasing software. The new user-interface is a welcome change but will require an update of the IT organization's technology skills and a replacement of core architecture.