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Epicor ERP

ERP Solution is adequate

Cloud services and support teams have been adequate. Global "follow-the-sun" support approach supports our global business.

Epicor ERP, Other...

Excellent system to improve your business without hiring a permanent consultant

Everyone that I worked with was very knowledgeable. Not only with the solution, but with business acumen in general. The solution is very easy to learn, implement, and use; but can handle very complex applications. Flexible, scalable, does not require consultants to maintain, fantastic.



Great software , takes lots of resources to update and maintain

Epicor ERP

Solid product, implementaion methodology needs work.

Epicor is at a crossroads. They need to change their implementation model. The application is basically solid but it's not JDEdwards. Warehousing is middle of the road. FICO is solid. PO is basic. SO is not built for rapid order entry. Solid inventory management & lot control. Good stable of bolt-on 3rd party add-ons. The implementaion model leaves a lot to be desired. If you have a strong IT department or trustworthy consulting partner that knows E9 then you should be okay. Their methodology is to come in, bark orders, leave for two weeks then come back and see how you did. Repeat the process until complete. If you are a weak company with regards to depth and understanding of technology you will either not take full afdvantage of the capabilities of the software or you will fail.