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Microsoft Dynamics GP

Easy product selection and implementation. Customization was time consuming.

The product selection took some time but the final decision was easy due to the excellent track record. Dealing with the vendor and their autorized partner was a pleasant experience that helped build relationships for post implementation support.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Difficult implementation that was heavily delayed and over budget

Vendor-preferred implementation consultants performed poorly, leading to a very difficult implementation that was heavily delayed and over budget

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Implementation was quick, but to simplistic.

Rushed implementation, and not configured optimally and not all (important) features are being utilized effectively.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Out of box functionality poor, requires extensive customization

Limited support and knowledge on the product is available.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Re-implementing was easier than an upgrade

Upgraded/Reimplemented Dynamics AX2012 R3 from an earlier version. We did not use the Microsoft upgrade scripts for code or data, so it was more of a reimplementation than a true upgrade. We tried to go with standard functionanlity as much as possible. Existing customizations were reviewed and re-implmented against AX2012 R3 codebase if deemed necessary. Some integrations were upgradable but others had to be redone.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Successful ERP Project

The ERP implementation was a greenfield effort so complexity was reduced simply because we were not replacing any significant legacy applications. The primary driver for us was scalability and transaction throughput for our light manufacturing and order operations processes. We completed the implementation in 9 months (ran over by 3 months).

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Implementation was a challenge, expect scope creep and resource attrition.

The platform was sound, finding capable resources was a challenge, the partner community is exteremely limited in its resouces and capabilities, training resurces are marginal at best.

Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Benificial to small/medium sized business (SMBs)

Pertinent to my role, this software was to assist the financials of the company for all departments - company wide. This software helps compartmentalize numbers that assist in making macro-level decisions (KPIs). Not to mention, the software is highly customizeable and very user-friendly. I cannot speak on behalf of implementation, but from the marketing arena of our business model, NAV is a headquartered solution for the vast majority of our monetary decision-making. In my opinion, this software would ONLY be benificial to small/medium sized business (SMBs).

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Initial implementation was easy, integration of transactions is ongoing effort

GP works well out of the box and provices a service for integration of most transactions. Needed to use a third party tool (SmartConnect) to make the integrations easier to manage.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

AX ERP Implementations are difficult when it is highly customized

It was a very difficult process implementating AX ERP.