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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

NAV Helps Us Run Our Business Better

It was a pain in the a** but we got through it.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Great for Finance, May Need Additional Supplementation

GP is a solid financial ledger, but lacks native functionality for many of our most important business processes. Because of this, we have needed to integrate this system with numerous other tools, which has added a lot of complexity to managing our environment.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Works well wih in a particular market and manging relationship with the service provider for one or limited numbe of markets. It is a challange to implement such platform for a multiple markets with local market, regulatory needs. Hard to find a service provider to support large number of countries. Microsoft does not directly provide localization for the several market and you have to rely on Service Provide who has developed localization for that particular market. This adds complexity to Vendor or Service Provider Relationship management.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

consultant was more creative then persuasive, leading to costly modifications

vendor was experienced, however the profile of the consultant offered to do the implementation was false

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX Implementation

Overall project was successful, especially due to the expertise of our 3rd party implementor of AX. Learned along the way that the product was not capable of some functions we originally thought.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Lot of nuance to our business that the product wasn't designed to handle easily

it was an ERP implementation so there was pain but we worked through it

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Implementation was hard as we were upgrading and implementing.

The knowledge of the vendor is vast.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Implementation was complex, lots of moving parts.

AX is very complex by itself and our implementation complexity was magnified by the fact that we were implementing AX 2012 R3 for 6 different brands (hence 6 different sets of requirements).

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Great tool, forces business to streamline their processes.

Working with Microsoft to implement the system was simple and quick, most work required was getting business groups to realize that adoption of an external standardized process was more efficient than using their "best practice" process.