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QAD Enterprise Applications

Easy overview of products


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Implementation seems to miss some steps that are necessary to complete

The base system works well and secondary packages are usually better after an version revision from the initial offering. Customer Support is good. Implementation instructions when doing them yourself is interesing/frustrating because there is a tendency for there to be missing steps. Current setup scripts are missing information that used to be in there for previous versions. not sure if this is on purpose or to drive business to their customer services group. I spent two days with customer support trying to get the EAMv12 product installed before it worked. Hopefully the instructions goto updated from the notes and screen shots taken. The ERP install is fairly straight forward but the setup also seems a bit quirky as it skipped loading some basic things like States and country codes.

QAD Cloud ERP, QAD Enterprise Applications

Implementation started smoothly but got dragged by customization that couldn't get rid of

QAD ERP is an extremely versatile and industrial strength product for manufacturing, distribution and financial management. Their low total cost of ownership is what makes the product very appealing to mid-size companies. However, there aren't good trained and qualified vendors/consultants that can apply the solution in its entirety and adopt its best practices that the software drives it strengths from. QAD has let everybody customize their solution that has left almost all organizations stuck with the version they had initially implemented. QAD's vision to re-engineer their products to make use of newer technologies is a clear sign that they are determined to thrive in the market and satisfy their customer needs more efficiently.

QAD Cloud ERP, QAD Enterprise Applications

QAD EE Cloud Implementation

Good knowledge of their product, attrition is an issue, consulting capabilities need to improve. custom project development work very very poorly managed, only T&M model works, other models executed very poorly

QAD Enterprise Applications

QAD ERP application offers flexibility for the company with minimum amt of customization

The flexibility of QAD had proven itself over the years. QAD ERP system is very flexible and adaptable. ECommerce helps tie all activities from a global perspective