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Munis ERP

Tyler ERP is a vanilla small system

product is built for small companies and needs maturity

Munis ERP

Complex implementation but smooth cutover to live.

The product works very well and the company provides alot of insight and expertise during deployment. The application itself has a few issues on prem that without a dedicated person assigned to it is hard to pin down that may require an occasional service restart (monthly) because there is no way to identify the exact cause.

Munis ERP

implementation easy support could improve

overall pleased with implementation

Munis ERP

Helping a vendor gain entry into a new marketplace can prove to be painful for both.

Tyler Technologies was not prepared to take on the size of our implementation. We were the largest implementation for them to date and entering them into a whole new market. Their previous approaches with smaller organizations were successful, but it did not scale well to us. We were a learning curve for them and I believe they are in a better place now because of it, but it was painful at times for us.