Social Marketing Management Reviews and Ratings

What are Social Marketing Management?

Social Marketing Management (SMM) applications include the tools, templates and services to create, maintain and optimize a commercial presence in social environments. This market focuses on the vendor solutions that help you analyze and participate in social conversations. This is done through social listening, publishing, engagement (of broader audiences, as well as social user communities), reporting and analytics capabilities, and support for workflow and automation of SMM processes.

Products In Social Marketing Management Market

"Zoho Social - The Social Media Handler"

The Best Social Media Management tool to automate Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Process buy using this Zoho Social software and also plays a vital role in email integration, Scheduling part. It is very helpful for Digital Business partners or Agencies. We can manage huge number of social media accounts in a single platform with automatic process. With the help of this software we can enhance small business to large business merchants in a better way. It reduces the human involvement by replacing automatic process. Capabilities of the software is so scalable, customizable & easy to integrate. Coming to reporting part, we can easily create excellent analytical dashboard in an excellent way. It helps us to analyze or segment the reporting process to improve business to next level.

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"Integration framework using a consistent platform"

Hootsuite is the industry leader in social media management, with millions of users relying on it. We can confidently schedule posts, participate in conversations, and track our social success with Hootsuite because it provides the right tools to help us expand our brands, businesses, and consumer relationships via social media. After realizing that this would be an excellent tool for managing our many social media accounts, we've modified it to only be utilized on platforms that don't have a scheduling option, providing us the right balance to keep on track at all times. Hootsuite is a fantastic social network platform that, unlike others, provides a large number of social media capabilities in simple packaging. It works with practically every major social networking platform and allows you to schedule material indefinitely. It has the ability to broadcast our content on several social media platforms at the time and date that we specify. It's a great way to keep track of several social networks from a single interface.

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"Interact with customers in a personalized and unique way to build loyal communities"

For better planning and organizing all of our social media content in one place, I discovered Sprout Social to be a more powerful, wonderful, and completely new platform. Its comprehensiveness astounds me in terms of how easily I can build, manage, organize, and schedule campaigns and promotional messages with just one solution. Sprout Social has made it easy for us to keep track of the mentions and hashtags we use as well as also track people who share our content. Sprout Social is amazing social media marketing management that also helps us build loyal communities by managing conversations and providing personalized customer service. Sprout Social has the power to manage all our marketing operations. It is the main core of the online business that helps us in automating, streamlining our social media complex chores, and strengthening our interactions with our fans. Sprout Social allows us to manage all our social media channels from a single source of truth as well as it also combines all connected networks and profiles into a single stream so we can easily track and monitor incoming communications and respond quickly.

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"Salesforce Social Studio Review"

Overall it is very great tool for marketing the product on social media. With just one tool we can do advertising on different social media platform. It provides variety of templates to design the ads for marketing. It provides the power to target to the particular group of audience. Its dashboard are awesome with so many reporting templates which gives information about the individual campaign. Scheduling the posts are awesome feature where we can schedule the post.

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"We trust Sprinklr Social Core for the social marketing management of our firm"

Sprinklr Social Core helps us in managing our social media users and sending all our promotions and upcoming events became easy. We are creating and implementing all our marketing promotions and webinar through the platform of Sprinklr Social Care. We can take care of our upcoming events and programs by Sprinklr Social Care and has provided us the ability to manage multiple social media marketing programs and promotions with ease. It is now much easier for us to handle all the promotions and upcoming events. It provides us with a more effective platform for managing our social media campaigns in the best way. It is now very easy because of sprinklr current sales and engagement policy to schedule our posts on our social media platforms. It has the best features to fully automate the optimization. We can bring all the posts on all social media platforms to a single platform. It is a time-saving platform. We find it very good for digital marketing and advertising. We can have a clear understanding of the case, even if we jump in at mid-conversation with the customer. We can read the full conversation just by scrolling.

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"Gets the job done, but interface can be better."

Khoros is an essential social media marketing platform to my department, for managing all our social media accounts across different platforms , from one place. Khoros is secured, allows us collaborate and plan social media campaigns as a team , while measuring our successes and failures using activity metrics provided by Khoros.

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"A tool which will make Social media team's life easier"

It is safe to say that this platform can be used for every type of social media marketing. It is very easy to manage this platform to create post for every kind of social media platform and it helps creating engaging and great quality post. I have been using it for quite a long time and I can proudly say that this platform makes my work so easy and manageable.

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"Social Campaign with Adobe Social "

Adobe Social tool used by our team for a social analytical tool for getting key data or research work we post-digital surveys at different platform we use this platform to distribute all the content to the various digital platforms schedule it easy. We can monitor how our content is performing and get the detailed stats from it and which used for future strategy.

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"Hearsay helps you to stay connected with your social media sites share anything in one go"

Hearsay Social is actually a cloud-based Social Customer Managing software suite ideally designed for financial services firms. The analytics functionality helps you to monitor customer interaction with relevant social media promotions, ensure rigorous enforcement and also address the needs of monitored financial firms through pre-approval procedures, real-time alerts and violation resolution.

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" manage all social media at once with unbound social"

you can easily learn the software in the demo/free trial period. Not only that, unbound social provides training in-person, online sessions, and webinars and in documentation form too. With unbound social keeping the track of customer engagement, analytics, content management, brand tracking and much more has become very easy.

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"Best tool for handling social media across all platforms"

It's a must have tool. I want to construct each day content material for our social media advertising and marketing and I am taking help of this till to write down and construct amazing content material which is cherished with the aid of using by everyone. I can write the content material in this platform additionally that's truly amazing. This tool is supporting me to do the quality and efficient social media advertising and marketing such as innovative services, content material advertising and marketing, product and social media advertising and marketing. I have been working on this platform from the start of my career and really glad that this platform by no means stops extraordinary ideas. I have to say right here that is a totally a good deal, user-pleasant utility and clean to understand.

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"We are getting the right insights, to be successful on social platforms."

This is an essential platform within my department, with which we manage our presence across multiple social media platforms. Socialbakers goes beyond just sharing content on social platforms and engaging with audiences. It gives us a better understanding of the different segment of audiences we are interacting with on social platforms, making it easier to create the ideal social media marketing strategy.

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"Meltwater Social Review"

We have been using Meltwater Social for an internal project and gained a profound understanding of consumer behavior and interests. It helped harnessed and analyzed digital conversations across multiple platforms to understand consumer perception,.

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"Agora enable us better harness the potential of social media."

We are relying on Agorapulse to manage our presence and activity across the different social media channels we use. We have successfully taken advantage of Agorapulse to coordinate and connect our marketing efforts across multiple social media channels, therefore making our marketing approach a lot more impactful.

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"Drive traffic to your website through Khoros Intelligence"

One of the finest and best social media management tool for taking care of all my social media marketing campaigns and promotions. Khoros Intelligence is helped me to achieved my target everyday by sending all my upcoming sales, events, webinars and promotions. I can schedule all my posts and contents on different social media platforms by its scheduling features.

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"Expert team providing an amazing solution"

ScribbleLive brought in the feature of live updates and polling support on the site. The whole feature set brings in more life to the site and attracts traffic. Users can be more engaged with the brands and provide their honest feedback. The StoryTelling board helps us build responsive tech-chic pages with a lot of visual depth.

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"Extremely easy to use and so useful for sharing company content on social media!"

This was the first time I've ever used Oktopost and for being someone who has always liked social media I love how easy this made sharing company blog posts. It is an easy interface to navigate and everything you need is on the main dashboard. It took me less than 1 day to learn how to use this, and I use it regularly now.

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"CentraHub CRM is a good tool for the franchise business and estimation."

They have a specific solution for real estate with a view of Graphical interface of Inventory Sold, engaged and reserved alongside nice suite of Project Management tool that gets our day to day activities smoother all in management alerting the individual departments via correct notifications update and approvals that are needed the least bit levels. CentraHub contains a great resolution and has a great team to figure with. Special mention for [SENSITIVE CONTENT] who is instrumental in closing our Deal and additionally helped us during a flourishing implementation and API Training. CentraHub has a relaxing API that is extremely straightforward to work and connect with Third-party applications that helped us to connect with our ERP and plenty of alternative tools that we use for our internal purpose.

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"Scheduling and Management made super EASY!"

Overall the platform offers a lot more than its competitors in the market at extremely affordable process. their plans are highly user-friendly and the team is very co-operative and accommodating. i have been using Social Champ's free plan to schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram and GMB. So far I have had a great experience thanks to all the gestures that they have to offer. Allowing me to schedule posts for weeks in advance using Bulk uploads and also creating filters posts via their Recycle feature. As a Social Media Manager Social Champ has taken a huge chunk of work off my plate through their services.

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"Simple and powerful platform for digital marketing and improving online visibility"

Semrush is the most advanced web application packed with tools for keyword discovery, ranking tracking, and on-page auditing. It offers a generous free plan for starters that includes all the basic features, including competitor analysis and email alerts. They monitor your site for errors, giving you the ability to fix things before they become a problem. It allows you to choose which keywords to focus on while writing articles and further expand your site. The site audit tool is very good at finding errors/problems on your website and resolving them as well. One of the best features is "Position Tracking" which helps me track the keyword's position in the SERP. The best part is that it provides tons of features and helps us improve our SEO score with relevant suggestions and recommendations.

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Competitors and Alternatives
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Social Marketing Management?

Social Marketing Management


Factor in Potential Problems Before Requirements Elicitation and RFP Creation

"Figure out the limitations of the tiers and work backward in order to analyze what you need. You might realize that you might not actually need more than 10 accounts, even though you already have over 10 currently."

Analyst, Finance Sector


Invest Rigorously in a Marketing Strategy Before Purchasing a Tool

"Develop a comprehensive social media content strategy (and clearly assign ownership/accountability to one person or team) before investing in a solution. We were almost too early with purchasing the tool; we needed to do some internal preparation first."

Business Professional, Media Sector


Evaluate Different SMM Players in the Market and Emphasize Negotiating the Cost

"We would highly recommend you to conduct a thorough search during this shortlisting phase. You should make a list of all the economical alternatives that offer the same analytical features."

CxO, Healthcare Sector


Emphasize Training for Gaining Thorough Understanding of the Solution

"Ensure that the users of the tool are given the time/funding/resources to become certified in the tool’s capabilities. Self-learning is not enough and won’t give you a good enough idea about the nature of the SMM tool."

Business Professional, Retail Sector


Focus on Planning Tags During the Preimplementation Phase

"It is highly imperative for you to put an emphasis on building reports, tagging structures, and listening queries based on best practices globally, by category and per region."

Business Professional, Retail Sector