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AssetStudio for Enterprise SAM

Straightforward to use would recommend this as a SAM solution

Excellent vendor to work with, very responsive to our needs with a depth of understanding and an ability to explain clearly. They have also taken on board suggestions from us that have improved the product for us whilst sticking to their overall planned updates. The product is reliable, straightforward to use and very flexible. Excellent SAM solution and useful as a tool manipulation of the asset data gathered which is comprehensive.

AssetStudio for Enterprise SAM

Easy implementation of a great product with excellent training and support.

Certero are an excellent company to do business with. Extremely knowlegeable, great product, great staff.

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AssetStudio for Enterprise SAM

Certero Asset Studio Transformed Our Management Of Device And Software Management

I have found working with Certero extremely easy. They are very knowledgeable of their product and the overall SAM process. The tool completely changed the way we worked and understood our hardware and software estate. Before Certero we had several installations of different SAM tools around the group, Asset Studio allowed us to bring all our assets and SAM under one simple to use application.


AssetStudio for Enterprise SAM

Informative discovery tool with excellent SAM expertise from Certero's specialists

Great customer service, attentive to our needs (and esecially as we received a vendor software audit within days of signing up with Certero).