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Aspera SmartTrack

Quality product for all needs within the SAM market

- Easy Implementation - lot of functional enhancments over the years - great customer community - intuitive usage

Aspera SmartTrack

High expertise combined with a great tool and professional services

very good customer service, very open to new ideas and suggestions from the customers, very good tool - high expertise, professional consultants, professional knowledge about the markets and the software vendors and still independently acting in favor of customers. customized reporting and dashboards give a good management view to control the open issues. access control is very well done and possible on different levels, which allows the customer to define a very accurate structure. interfaces operate in an efficient way. overall great!

Aspera SmartTrack

Implementation requires a very good previous analysis from the client side

Aspera have a great service consultancy team leader team. They put our team working in the kick off of the project and they have a clear method of how to roll out their product. They are German, so they are quite close to scope changes, but they did it fantastic with us. The support team is good, fast and accurate. This tool doesn't have agent and consumes everything, so, it matches perfectly with our strategy, as we already own some tools which already have agents.

Aspera SmartTrack

Great Product but Much Harder to Implement Than Was Conveyed

There were a lot of aspects of implementing the product that we were not made aware of ahead of time. Consultants were new to the product. We encountered language barriers.

Aspera SmartTrack

SAM at Roche; Think big, start small!

“SmartTrack demonstrated unique SAM capabilities and advanced features that met the needs of Roche’s complex organizational structure, which has multiple platforms that span across multiple divisions worldwide. It offered many of the features we required out-of-the-box, like covering the license types and metrics which Roche plans to manage in its SAM program, and customization was straight-forward.” Requirements • Managing software assets and IT asset management infrastructure to support company growth • Customizing SmartTrack across the large organization with diverse IT needs • Integrating SmartTrack with existing asset discovery and management tools • Turning license purchase information from SAP and Ariba into effective licenses • Creating a global software license repository • Developing interfaces with software lifecycle processes • Ensuring flexible software access for satellite offices • Refining software usage information to allow re-appropriation of unused licenses for new software Why Aspera? • Adaptable to Roche’s complex organizational structure • Simple interfaces promote high data quality • Experience with heterogeneous software environments, especially servers • Advanced out-of-the-box functionality • Close support and consultation Benefits • • Flexible use of SmartTrack for both Software Asset Management and data consolidation from IT asset programs as a central hardware repository • Improved relationship with software vendors • Reduced risk associated with IT assets and license compliance audits • Fast and inexpensive adoption of the SmartTrack platform • Lower expenditures on licensing through Software License Optimization and fewer audits

Aspera SmartTrack

Solid product with a good track record and clear roadmap

Significant amount of time was spent building Master catalog and working out the kinks associated with the deployed software naming and version information. We had to migrate data from another Aspera Smart Track system and customize our version to meet our needs. A major challenge for us was to clean the data from another Aspera deployment and reconcile discovery data with the data in Aspera. It is a very slow and tedious process. While Aspera provides help and some tools to make this process easier, it still takes time and effort.

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