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Remedy Asset Management

Disappointment with our state software.

The basic part of the software worked for assets but the most important reason we needed it was so it would integrate with our existing software. Every school district in our state is on the same finance/accounting software, which also has an asset section. This is the state recommended software but is does NOT integrate as promised. You can spend hours on the phone with the tech and you may get a file to upload but there has NEVER been a seamless integration. We finally quit using it, after multiple upgrades and renewals. The overall software delivers as expected but if I can't get it in the reports I need, it is useless to me.


Robust Patching Tool for compliance integration

Very satisfied

Remedy Asset Management

not as described, not scaleable.

Integration with other products within the BMC suite was difficult includng request. Adoption was impacted due to amount of swivel chair required for implementation.