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Cherwell Asset Management

Expected more out of a strategic partnership

Lots of money spent, poor recommendations in terms of product architecture.

Cherwell Asset Management


very pleased

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Cherwell Asset Management

CAM is a powerful tool but has its limitations

CAM is a great tool for getting a sense of your company's software environment. However, it requires in-depth knowledge to set up the server based settings before it will give you an accurate inventory. One major component that would increase CAM's ability to accurately report would be the ability to connect MLS reports and other purchasing history reports rather than individually uploading past purchase order information and connecting those purchases to specific licenses.

Cherwell Asset Management

Implementation and maintenance manageable.

Asset management system is fully integrated into the service client. Able to automate combining user information and tickets, with asset database. Database easy to navigate and edit.

Cherwell Asset Management

Implementation was easy and cost effective

Relatively small implementation timeframe, easy to use and cost effective.

Cherwell Asset Management

Implementation is easy, haven't decided how to integration with Cherwell Service Mgmt.

Product works well - don't need much support

Cherwell Asset Management

Perfect Addition for Existing Cherwell Customers

We have just implemented the Asset Management portion of Cherwell into our existing Cherwell Service Management software and it was a seamless integration. It allowed us to immediately integrate all connected devices in our network to allow (for example) use of our integrated Bomgar software without having to manually add machines as they are created, saving us time and resources.

Cherwell Asset Management, Other...

Cherwell delivered on ITSM fundamentals

Good job on tracking project deliverables and Development time

Cherwell Asset Management

Cherwell Asset Management

The product pretty much does what it claims it will do. The support staff is excellent addressing questions during implementation and during ongoing operations.

Cherwell Asset Management

Implementation is relatively easy with a lot of out of box configurations

very good technical expertize. Product is relatively easy to implement and maintain