Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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HPE Asset Manager software

Implementation and support is easy if you minimize customization of the application.

For us it was an upgrade from a previous version that would soon be end of support. We also wanted to take advantage of some of the new features that allowed us to implement our new asset scanning solution and to get rid of a lot of customization that we had on our previous version. Customization prevents you from easily upgrading to new releases and can sometimes make supporting the application more difficult.

HPE Asset Manager software

technical implementation was easy, process transformation challenging

Positive experience, vendor willing to partner and assist throughout evaluation and implementation

HPE Asset Manager software

New alternative.

Responsive, met schedules and expectations.

HPE Asset Manager software

Product meets our need, customer support great, futures (mobility) are lagging

Overall our experience has been a good one. We are able to manage a lot of complexity with this tool and were able to shut down several other legacy tools as a result. Customer support has been outstanding - very responsive to our requests. Product futures seem to be lagging, mainly in terms of mobility solutions.