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Software Asset Management

implementation out of box is easy but you need custom API development to integrate

Vendor is good. It really comes down to garabage in, garbage out. If you are going to migrate to a new CMDB - preperation is key and then validation of data. Don't over frakenstien the system so patch release doesn't have issues.

Software Asset Management

Functionality differs in each session

We use SN for Incident Management, Problem Management, Requests, Weekly Reporting, and other analytics.

Software Asset Management

Asset Management using ServiceNow

Vendor is very supportive

Software Asset Management

Do not customize but stay with industry standards.

I believe in the ServiceNow product. However, their initial implementation resources lacked a complete vision of ServiceNow and did not provide guard rails. They should have said no more than yes to some of the ways to implement the product and no to the customization.


Implementation pretty standard and functionality provided covered our main objectives.

User friendly, very little training requirements, and out-of-box functionality. Vendor support good, no real issues/complaints.

ServiceNow Discovery Application

SN builds on existing platform to deliver new functionality

Available and Knowledgable. We are moving to be an ITIL shop and we already had some Service Now investments

ServiceNow Discovery Application

Implementation was pretty easy and tool is easily configurable!

Original sales rep was not but forgot about that until just now because of how good our current team is. Professional services team has always done a good job.

Software Asset Management

Swiss army knife of IT management

wide functionality and integration

Software Asset Management

Fundamental needs of Asset Management met by ServiceNow.

The Asset Module for ServiceNow is fairly basic and was implemented to meet a very basic set of needs and requirements. We were able to address those needs with the tool.

Software Asset Management

Growth to maturity of ServiceNow and an amazing quick implementation.

Many companies/organizations moving to this platform to provide a strong user base. Integration with data sources straightforward.