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Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager

Implementation was a breeze with the assistance of Snow implementation team.

Overall experience has been good. One complaint is Snow changed their policy on over provisioning client without notify customers and in direct contrast to what I was told at time of signing. This led to clients not showing up in our computer list, requiring several support interactions to determine the cause.

Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, Software Recognition Service

The catalyst for SAM

We are satisfied with the tooling. One implemented it gives you a lot of opportunities. You should keep in mind that the coverage of the tooling for software discovery and software usage & metering varies per publisher due to several causes. To solve these challenges you still need the right people, processes, and technology. This requires sophisticated strategy and tactics.

Oracle Management Option, Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, Software Recognition Service, Virtualization Management Option

Snow tool works fine. Still a lot of features to implement to make it 100% useful.

Strong customer focus

Snow for ServiceNow

Good SAAS product, but could be better.

They helped with implementation and rollout, and were able to minimize our rollout issues while allowing for implementation. Service could be improved by better integration with other providers.

Snow Optimizer for SAP software

Implementation was straight forward and result was helpful

Snow demonstrated expert knowledge on SAP auditing and licensing scheme


Snow Optimizer for SAP software

Excellent insight into our SAP licensing requirements

The vendor provided us with excellent insight into our SAP usage and licensing requirements using their tools.


Snow Optimizer for SAP software

Seamless integrated with SAP with easy and simple deployment.

SAP Optimizer for SAP could be deployed within shorter time frame compared with other software/vendor in comparison. The consultant had in-depth knowledge on the product features and technical aspects. He could help our IT/Authorization team learn and operate the software by themselves within 5 days. After go live, the consultant was also very responsive and provided remote support to any queries and issues occurred with satisfied level.


Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, Snow for ServiceNow, Software Recognition Service

Snow simplification of SW asset mgmt

Easy user interface


Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, Snow Optimizer for SAP software, Software Recognition Service

Snow Software - Don't let their age fool you, these guys know what they're doing

When our RFP came down to the finalists, functionality was not the primary factor in picking a partner. At that point, all companies offered a function-rich tool with a smooth interface. And Snow License Manager has proven to be as fantastic as we'd hoped. Although leadership was doubtful initially, they now love it, and really see the value. Same goes for Snow Optimizer for SAP. It has given us unprecedented visibility into our SAP environment, and our SAP Security team is actually planning on using it for administrative tasks they have historically had to do system by system (SOS allows making changes on an unlimited number of systems AT ONCE). Having said that, our decision ultimately came down to two things: 1. Price, and 2. the value we felt like we would be receiving with Snow as a partner. A couple of the power players in the industry, really came off as crass and presumptuous during the RFP/POC. They assumed they were going to get our business, and didn't really put much effort into selling it to us. They also did not really promise much more than the tool itself. In contrast, Snow was passionate not only about their product, but about becoming a PARTNER with us. And this did NOT end up being a sales promise. During and after implementation, that have been extremely supportive and available to almost any need we've had. They have even at times operated well outside of the agreed upon SOW. All of the project managers, executives, support staff, implementation engineers, and SMEs have been an absolute pleasure to work with throughout this journey. Also, our deal with them ended up costing about HALF as much as it would have for one with the bigger players - and we had more products and services included.


Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, Software Recognition Service

Outstanding Service Offering at an Unbeatable Price Point.

Snow's products consistently perform against the demanding requirements of our business. This software helps directly manage risk through improved compliance visibility, simple and concise reporting for audit defense initiatives, and cross-platform functionality, meaning you gain visibility into all of the major aspects of your dynamic computing environment. It further has provided cost savings opportunities in identifying unused licenses, software maintenance reduction opportunities, and asset reutilization possibilities. Price was roughly 1/3 of the competitor's offering, with better functionality. This was a major win for me and my organization!