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Snow Automation Platform, Snow Integration Connectors, Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, Software Recognition Service, Virtualization Management Option, Other...

Implementation has been interesting, but support was always there.

From pre-sales to implementation and support, the service has been excellent. Snow have been dedicated to helping get the solution workable.


Snow Automation Platform, Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, Software Recognition Service

Support and follow through could be better.

Support and follow through could be better. We're not getting the best value out of the product after a recent upgrade. To be fair, there needs to be time and effort on our part to do a data cleanse.

Snow Optimizer for SAP software

Using SNOW Optimiser for SAP

SNOW Software engaged directly with Pact Group via a cold call. They presented a compelling argument and we were an easy sale, as Pact Group was in a unique position due to our historical license inheritance, and our VERY Manda focused Business model. SNOW went through a standard approach capturing our needs and requirements via face to face, conference calls, and data sets. We introduced our software account team from Insight to SNOW Software, and together they built a strong Business case based on a Monthly subscription model. I have a dedicated Service Delivery Manager assigned in the country (Richard Warfvinge) who was brought into the engagement early and managed the setup and configuration. Support is via remote out of Europe, but the system is simple and installed directly into SAP SolMan, so no issues. SNOW Team delivered the solution within 3 Weeks of signing.


Snow License Manager

Snow is a great product

Snow has a very good support team and this is welcomed. The ability to call on subject matter experts is good and provides for a solid, comprehensive & consistent result. Upgrade to the latest version was painless and troublefree, without gremlins or problems. The Software Recognition Service is excellent and takes the pain out of getting new items recognised.


Snow Automation Platform, Snow Integration Connectors, Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, Software Recognition Service

Quick and easy to implement with benefits being seen in a very short time

Implementing the Snow solutions had been a relatively quick and painless process. The vendor has supported us all the way through the Proof of Concept, Design, and Implementation. That support continues on an ongoing basis to assist us with our ongoing use of the tools. We are already seeing benefits from the data that is being returned from the product. The Software Recognition Service adds tremendous value as we can be confident that Snow will be looking at our inventory data to identify new products installed on our estate.


Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, Software Recognition Service

Implementation was easy

SNOW license manager gives us full insight in compliancy within license management and risks involved using non-approved software. Implementation of the product went smooth after a succesful proof of concept.

Snow Inventory

Snow is working well

The snow agent that we run on our windows 2008 r2 had some issues initially. Snow was helpful in resolving this. We have successfully deployed the windows and Linux clients to various operating systems. The only hole in our tracking is machines that are running on coreos. There does not appear to be a snow solution for containers yet. Having said that, the software is working well for us once deployed.

Snow License Manager

SNOW enables our ITAM and SAM strategy

Product support was initially very high but dropped off quickly after implementation. Some of the features and functions of the product did not perform as promised or expected, the vendor did take responsibility for many of our concerns with their product.

Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager

Implementation was a breeze with the assistance of Snow implementation team.

Overall experience has been good. One complaint is Snow changed their policy on over provisioning client without notify customers and in direct contrast to what I was told at time of signing. This led to clients not showing up in our computer list, requiring several support interactions to determine the cause.


Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, Software Recognition Service

The catalyst for SAM

We are satisfied with the tooling. One implemented it gives you a lot of opportunities. You should keep in mind that the coverage of the tooling for software discovery and software usage & metering varies per publisher due to several causes. To solve these challenges you still need the right people, processes, and technology. This requires sophisticated strategy and tactics.