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Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, Snow Optimizer for SAP software, Software Recognition Service

Snow Software - Don't let their age fool you, these guys know what they're doing

When our RFP came down to the finalists, functionality was not the primary factor in picking a partner. At that point, all companies offered a function-rich tool with a smooth interface. And Snow License Manager has proven to be as fantastic as we'd hoped. Although leadership was doubtful initially, they now love it, and really see the value. Same goes for Snow Optimizer for SAP. It has given us unprecedented visibility into our SAP environment, and our SAP Security team is actually planning on using it for administrative tasks they have historically had to do system by system (SOS allows making changes on an unlimited number of systems AT ONCE). Having said that, our decision ultimately came down to two things: 1. Price, and 2. the value we felt like we would be receiving with Snow as a partner. A couple of the power players in the industry, really came off as crass and presumptuous during the RFP/POC. They assumed they were going to get our business, and didn't really put much effort into selling it to us. They also did not really promise much more than the tool itself. In contrast, Snow was passionate not only about their product, but about becoming a PARTNER with us. And this did NOT end up being a sales promise. During and after implementation, that have been extremely supportive and available to almost any need we've had. They have even at times operated well outside of the agreed upon SOW. All of the project managers, executives, support staff, implementation engineers, and SMEs have been an absolute pleasure to work with throughout this journey. Also, our deal with them ended up costing about HALF as much as it would have for one with the bigger players - and we had more products and services included.

Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, Software Recognition Service

Outstanding Service Offering at an Unbeatable Price Point.

Snow's products consistently perform against the demanding requirements of our business. This software helps directly manage risk through improved compliance visibility, simple and concise reporting for audit defense initiatives, and cross-platform functionality, meaning you gain visibility into all of the major aspects of your dynamic computing environment. It further has provided cost savings opportunities in identifying unused licenses, software maintenance reduction opportunities, and asset reutilization possibilities. Price was roughly 1/3 of the competitor's offering, with better functionality. This was a major win for me and my organization!

Snow for ServiceNow

Implementation was fairly easy, but more customization out of the box initially...

Fairly easy to implement and customize. Took some time to get used to, but has worked out very well.

Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, Software Recognition Service

Brilliant user interface. It's helped our organisation make a difference very quickly!

SNOW have been really easy to work with. The product is easily configurable for implementation and in terms of enhancements. The user interface is brilliant. This product has allowed our organisation to discover the majority of client assets in an automated way and we have very quickly identified enhancements to hardware provision while being aware of what software we have thus identifying where we need to check licensing and licensing compliance issues.

Snow Optimizer for SAP software

Implementation as promised, quick return on investment during audit

I have been involved with 3 other SLO tool rollouts and this has been the best I have seen. The support during the implementation was high and within 2 months we saw real value during an audit. Snow's audit support with SAP has been spot on.

Snow Integration Connectors, Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, Software Recognition Service, Virtualization Management Option

Out of the box implementation was easy, but that is just the beginning

Snow software is a great company that works with your business to ensure the useability of their product.

Oracle Management Option, Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, Software Recognition Service, Virtualization Management Option

Implementation was fast with their hosted solution and professional services.

We engaged Snow to implement this and get all of our major titles with contracts into the database within 6 months for a government contract compliance requirement. Snow provided knowledgeable license experts and cross-training for our team while building our database, which enabled us to get up and in production very quickly.

Oracle Management Option, Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, Software Recognition Service

Effective and efficient deployment and implementation

Implementation was smooth and transparent. Snow support is quick to respond and thorough in resolving issues. Training was quick and easy to understand.

Oracle Management Option, Snow Integration Connectors, Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager, Software Recognition Service, Virtualization Management Option

Lessons learned from recent implementation of Snow

We started off slowly due to dissatisfaction with the initial implementation engineer after this was resolved the implementation progressed at a satisfactory rate. Some of the challenges that we have had are related to the complexity of our environment and how the agent behaves on certain operating systems. Most of these issues have been resolved and we are working with the vendor to resolve the rest. Overall, the tool works as expected and has provided us with the insights that we need in order to mature our SAM practice and enhance the end user experience when requesting software. Snow performs an engagement workshop, in the beginning, I advise that you have the entitlement workshop shortly thereafter as this stream of work can be very time-consuming.