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Application Quality and Testing Tools

Understand what you want to test and why

The tool itself was not as effective for services testing as it was for some of our UI applications. The overhead to the SOA was considerable and didn't provide the necessary benefits to improve the quality of our products thru automated testing. To be fair, the implmentation may be a subject of question versus the tool itself. The UI applications have benefited from this tool and we have seen an increase in quality in some areas thru the automation thru the tool.

Application Quality and Testing Tools

Unfolding Possibilities with Service Virtualization

Service Virtualization reduced dependencies while development and QA, enabling us to automate process at service level for faster execution

Application Quality and Testing Tools

The product is very powerful.

The product is very powerful and it needs to be dedicated experienced skills to take a full advantage.So far everything has been good.


Valuable features but room for improvement with enablement, documentation and training.

TDM - the tool lacks the documentation and enablement to help teams troubleshoot. The tool is highly dependent on CA for implementation. However, it does have features that other tools do not which make it more appealing. Also learned that the tool is not client/server - looking at ways to scale in an enterprise. ARD - the tool also lacks the documentation and enablement. Modeling requirements flow is an art as well and more time needs to be spent on what would users do to enable modeling to allow for the right optimization techniques. The optimization techniques also need better explanations with picture drawings to illustrate the point. How do you enable test automation with ARD is hard to understand and implement as well.

Application Quality and Testing Tools

Steep learning curve, but easy after that

Ever since LISA has been taken over by CA and rebranded as Dev Test, overall product quality and customer service have improved immensely. The initial learning curve for DevTest is a little steep but it gets very easy once a tester gets a handle on the tool.

Application Quality and Testing Tools

Together with CA we made their product better and our organisation more DevOps. So it was a good example of a win-win situation.

Acting as a partner. Great. Slow start, but now it is working fine. The do what they promise.

Application Quality and Testing Tools

It did what it said it did on the box

CA were very willing to work with us on this software. The software itself was relatively easy to deploy and works across a considerable part of our need