Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

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Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

Easy to use and easy to maintain.

Overall very good experience. Quick response from support as well.

Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

QTP Upgrade to UFT 12

The implementation went very smooth and was done within our requested timeframe.

Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

Easy to install, works as advertised.

Easy to install, works as advertised.

Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

iDeliver makes working with HP easy

3rd party vendor helped greatly

Business Process Testing (BPT), Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

HPE cornerstone for success.

Overall experience from sales to implementation has been impeccable .

Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

Cross application test automation was and is quite easy to do with a single tool.

UFT does a great job allowing me and team to automate across various applications using different technologies (Web / SOA / .net / Java, and more) keeping a common language/interface/experience. Basically, the team can automate 'nearly anything' and not require knowledge of various tools and base languages. We can also have scripts that can cross applications with ease. The ability to data drive / execute from ALM via integration is also fantastic.


Implementation was quite easy, but we had some teething problems

- Good price - Good support - Available in my country - Integrated Tool-Chain