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Very productive but upgrading is challenging compared to other vendors

Good overall experience

SilkTest, Other...

Outstanding training, customized to our environment, on the Silk tools.

Overall, the support received has been great. The support line resolved issues on the spot or with minimal turnaround time. The tool covers all our protocols for testing. Silk has provided productivity improvement in our testing cycle and has increased confidence in our quality governance and control.

SilkTest, Other...

Micro Focus/Borland is responsive and products are innovative.

Micro Focus/Borland has been very responsive to our needs. We had used the Compuware products they acquired. SilkTest (and some of the other products) was enhanced very quickly as they were bringing two product lines together. We found them to be very customer focused. We were able to rearchitect our test scripts to greatly improve reusability which in turn made our QA group more productive. We also no longer needed to restore a database after execution of the automated scripts. SilkTest aids in regressing testing new releases, ensuring existing functionality didn't break in the process. We have been implementing at least one major release each year. The combination of recording and editing scripts works well.

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Silk Test provided a complete, out-of-the-box solution for all our test automation needs

We evaluated the Micro Focus test automation suite against several other products, including those from HP, IBM, and Selenium. Our technical assessment determined that the Silk Test products were stronger in the areas of object recognition, reliability & stability, speed of execution, range of technical compatibility and with the exception of Selenium, the lowest cost. We have now utilized the Micro Focus Silk products on several client engagements and they have quickly become our standard products for use with our Ingenuity test automation framework. Micro Focus took the time to understand our requirements and were flexible with our licensing models. They have always been available for technical support and have provided training through webinars for our consultants. Whilst we are tools agnostic for our consulting engagements with clients, internally, Micro Focus has become our vendor and platform of choice. Their products are fully featured, work with a wide range of technologies, and are competitively priced. This is enabling us to deliver advanced test automation solutions, under the Ingenuity framework, to our clients. In our experience, we have always found Micro Focus to be professional and prepared to invest in a long-term relationship, rather than just trying to sell product licenses.