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Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Test Professional

Too Technical for BA's

if your a developer its a good product. Need it more from a BA perspective

Team Foundation Server

Leverage dev and QA to develop automation for continuous delivery

alows developers and QA to develop automation through coded ui and integration into build and release process

Visual Studio Test Professional, Other...

VSTS is a complete ALM Toolset. SDLC practice in VSTS is highly efficient with innovative ways to develop applications. Test capabilities and reporting needs to mature compared to other test tools available

VSTS offers lots of flexibility around Test Automation. Features are targeted towards both Microsoft and non-Microsoft testing frameworks. The test automation features in VSTS are tightly coupled with the tool (builds and release). This is great for Continuous delivery efforts. Where VSTS lacks features is solely around the test capabilities: - The ability to execute automated tests manually (Automated tests are triggered through builds) - Manual Testing capabilities of is not as mature as other Testing tools available in the market VSTS as a complete ALM tool is a great product. It integrates and promotes close collaboration within teams to innovate their software delivery cycles. The automated testing features need to mature though.


"Solid platform for native mobile app testing"

Ultimately we didn't have the internal resources to allocate to fully reach the potential of the product, but XTC provided a solid platform for us to write our tests that would cover the app satisfactorily.