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MobileCloud Automation

Great Mobile Testing Solution

The vendor has many strenghts and is willing to work with us on custom developments. Their platform is very user firendly and intuitive to use, and has been great for our outage testing. They are regularly on top of new mobile OS releases. The biggest challenge has been soe of our feature requests have taken longer than desired to implement.

MobileCloud Automation

Great support and commitment by cloud device and mobile automation vendor Perfecto

Very strong marketing. Extremely aggresive. However took 4 times longer to setup on-prem lab than promised time. Very quick turn-around time on support ticket and very responsive, dealing with details quickly. Automation solution needs more maturity where screen scrapping and getting hold of elements has mire issues. Still good one overall. Desire is to have local device support for automation instead of cloud available devcies only. Local here refers to device connected to USB port of a machine.

MobileCloud Automation

Reduced mobile smoke testing time by 400%

We were able to get the cloud stood up very quickly. However did not have the processes in place to get immediate value