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Ranorex Studio

Complex implementation

Not easy to get hold of them, because of time difference needed to wait for at least 3 days to get the response

Ranorex Studio

A great UI automation tool for organisations where testers are also developers.

The UI repository (both the referencing of UI elements, as well as capacity to interact with a variety of UI technologies) was the primary driving reason for our choice of Ranorex, and this continues to work well. The Ranorex Studio IDE is poor, however. It lags behind Visual Studio and SharpDevelop quite significantly, particularly struggling with large solutions.

Ranorex Studio

Great tool, easy to use, and provides the functional testing features we need. But major releases have been buggy.

Ranorex makes a great product and they provide stellar customer service. But it seems a lot of the bigger features have taken a while to stabilize after being released. E.g. Mobile and WPF. In order to wait for a bug to get fixed, we usually have to wait 6 months or so before we can take a new release.

Ranorex Studio

Ease of integration...instant productivity!

They are very flexible in providing POC licenses until we were able to purchase the licenses. Their support is great!

Ranorex Studio

The automater's Austrian army knife that suits record-and-adapt, as well as programmatic automation approaches perfectly

Low-level technical functionality is amazing and the features are ideal for quick productivity gains. Continuous integration with Microsoft infrastructure is cumbersome - which is Microsoft's "fault" for making the build the straightjacket into which one must fit. Especially automated test execution after a finished build with the Lab Management and execution results feedback with connected work items in TFS is a pain. Again - not Ranorex' fault...

Ranorex Studio

Installation is very simple and mobile automation works without root the device but to instrument iOS the ipa, p12 and mobileprovision-file is required.

We are at the start phase of using ranorex and don't have a lot of experience with ranorex, yet, but the support help us in every question we have. We don't need to root the mobile devices to create or run an automated test. But on iOS it is necessary to provide the p12 and mobileprovosions-file. The range of provided modules and actions is enough to create the most tests and the recorder runs very reliable. Missing Actions can be implemented via self-written usercode. Thats an fantastic feature.