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Selenium WebDriver

Selenium - Good replacement for proprietary tools

Was straghtforward to implement; no issues

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium for web application cross browser testing

I still need to use it more to get a conclusion. Like the idea to automate multiple browsers

Selenium WebDriver

Allows development of robust Integration tests with few gotchas.

The Selenium Web Driver streamlines the development of Integration tests by using JUnit as the test runner. It has worked well for almost all of our use-cases. We had some trouble with long-running tests, as its mechanism for waiting on user input, though documented, is difficult to understand and/or not consistent.

Selenium WebDriver

One of the best open source browser testing framework

Selenium WebDrivers is powerful and works well across different platform. It's one of the best open source browser testing framework out there. It's free and flexible - you can easily add another open source on top of it. As it's free, the updates are usually behind but it's acceptable.

Selenium WebDriver

An invaluable companion for developers and fast release cycles.

Web Browser automation has been a crucial part of the Podio implementation almost since the early stages. Selenium, Web Driver and Selenium Grid, in combination with Capybara has proven extremely valuable in giving the necessary confidence to our developers that no regression were introduced "on commit". The stability of the Windows implementation is sometime flacky and a bit "sensible", requiring the restart of the services every now and then in case of connectivity issues or OS troubles. Unix implementation seems more sturdy and resilent.


Selenium WebDriver

Widely adopted technology that provides a streamlined and efficient way to automate tests

Our implementation of Selenium Webdriver was done through Protractor and Jasmine since the app we are developing is based upon Angular. Many organizations and technologies almost always adopt Selenium Webdriver in some form or another, whether it be directly or indirectly through test frameworks that wrap around Selenium, or by simply using Selenium calls directly. Implementation of automation test coverage for our app was a streamlined and relatively simple process. We have integrated it as part of our deployment pipeline and is bringing us closer to the holy grail of software development that is Continuous Development. Many learning opportunities can be found too while developing a test framework from scratch that utilizes Selenium Webdriver, and due to its widespread adoption and use in providing more robust QA processes, it's hard to not recommend checking out.

Selenium WebDriver

Good stuff keep it coming.

Good solid application. Supports many different browsers. Easy to write tests

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium delivers!

Overall the experience has been great. It is easy to use and write scripts. It is open source and widely used and considered by some to set the standard in the industry.

Selenium WebDriver

Ease of implementation and integration with testing frameworks.

Releasing quality builds in timely manner. Build rejection rates have gone down drastically.