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Worksoft Certify

I believe that the software is the best on the market for functional testing.

I believe that the software is the best on the market for functional testing. Our test engineers preferred working with the scriptless approach over the other test automation products that require more programming. Maintenance of the scripts has proven better than expected. New way of implementing the tool with IIS will improve performance and reduce complexity in the implemetation. The ease of having a Business Analyst create their own test scripts has not fully been realized. Extensibility has been required in many cases for this to happen.

Worksoft Certify

Implementation was easy. Changing people was hard

Implementing test automation inside a "legacy" IT organization is less about technology (the technology works) and more about introducing and managing change

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Worksoft Certify

Internal excitement because it was faster to learn than our previous tool, with many developers going out of their way to request licenses.

Overall, good. Vendor support, particularly on-site support, was excellent. They were willing to work around our security restrictions.

Worksoft Certify

Worksoft Certify was our focus to create a strong foundation for our SAP application test automation solution

Very satisfied with the overall experience. The product is simple to use and deploy and user adoption has been very successful.

Worksoft Certify

Saving time saves money, Worksoft does both.

My overall experience so far has been good. We have been able to decrease our testing time substantially, which allows our developers/programmers/IT personnel to spend more time on projects and improvements.

Worksoft Certify

Worksoft suggested automation framework which is key of our project implementation.

As the Market is demanding and Most of things which can be done by Human Eye need to be added into the new features. For ex Color comparison. The Overall Experience on the Worksoft Tool is very satisfactory. I would like to provide my inputs based on Automation, Execution and Maintenance Approach. Automation Automation of Test cases was never been easy job but by using Worksoft it is very much possible to Automate all Business critical test cases easily. Maintenance Maintenance of any tool is very expensive and require technical skilled people. Having Worksoft implemented it is very easy to update the new SAP programs, windows & objects by single click. Also if any new changes requested by the business in the current functionality of the Business scenario Worksoft database referential integrity any changes made to the transaction reflect an update on the overall business process which has significantly saved lot of time in Maintenance of Test scenarios. Execution The tool is beneficial through each phase of our release. We are doing 2 Major release every year with respect to SAP EHP and SP upgrades and for rest of the year we are implementing 120-150 Enhancements every month. And it wouldn't be possible to do with Human. Worksoft has really make a difference for Arla wherein during the last hours SAP has recommended to upgrade Kernels after the 80% completion of Regression Testing.

Worksoft Certify

Good product with ease of implementation. Testing automation is always a business challenge more than an IT one !

Test automation via the recording program work well. we have good support from the vendor regarding the automation debugging. Some applications framework like Delphi are not working well with worksoft. The vendor offer us support to achive the automation but with no success.

Worksoft Certify

Strong in test automation.

Ease of use of the tool and very efficient.

Worksoft Certify

Performance of the tool can be improved a lot

The tool as a whole is great but the technical support is not that great.