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Easy to use, not too advanced

Their new SaaS product is very early in the development process and they wanted us to spend a great deal of time providing input on the requirements


Technology easy to use and implement,customer service / sourcing expertise needs to evolve

Technical aspects of product strong - this is an extremely easy to use / easy to navigate platform. Very little training is required to begin using. Implementation services / sourcing expertise / best practice sharing is very "basic"; Leadership is very flexible, willing to adopt to business needs.


A strong platform with peerless customer support.

Having been through several e-sourcing implementations, this experience was far and away the best. Determine has the right people in customer service / account management and implementation. The support and knowledge at Determine are what makes them stand above other industry players.


Data flowed from module to module

Our overall experience was great. From the representative that we first spoke to, to the trainer, and the support staff, it was very professional and reactive.


SmartSource a solid product, Determine a proven provider.

SmartSource is a strong bidding platform. It is particularly adept in engaging stakeholders in both technical and commercial evaluation using supplier surveys and stakeholder evaluation. Determine has always been responsive in addressing our business requirements. The platform is dependable and reliable with few technical problems.


Customer focused and strives for a seamless product that's intuitive and effective.

In my experience, Determine has a long history and is the easiest to use. I have implemented it at 3 different companies.