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Ivalua Contract Management, Ivalua Procurement

Customized for additional features based on our needs

Product still need maturity.

Ivalua Contract Management, Ivalua Strategic Sourcing, Ivalua Supplier Management

Great features, poor execution

The feature functionality during selection was compelling and seemed to be adaptable to meet our business process needs. While we recognized that joint work between us, the vendor and a third party would be challenging, we did not account that communication channels would be ineffective. We found when difficult situations occurred, the vendor did not have the consulting scale or will to engage to meet the spirit of what was needed. We also struggled with stable releases from their teams and ended up often troubleshooting their problems. While the product still has features that we believe will help us, the cost and effot to get to our end goal was much higher than anticipated. The end result has been mixed and several capabilities we thought the tool could recognize are now being reconsidered as there is a lack of trust on ability to deliver in a timely manner. It may be that the company could not scale to provide the attention needed but unless they invest more fully in their consulting capabilities, we would caution relying on their services for implementation.