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Proactis Purchase-to-Pay

Highly flexible system, utilize outside support to help manage potential complexity.

We had strong support from Proactis throughout the implementation. While there were a few functionality concerns that arose during implementation, likely stronger questioning during the selection process would have driven these out earlier. The solution contains the basic functionality you would expect from a P2P system. It a system of templates which provides extensive flexibility in user experience. However, it can quicky become overly complex and challenging to administer. Customers must know and bring their own strong view of their organisation's objectives and parameters to the table from the beginning of implementation. While Proactis has configuration experts who provide support during implementation, they're not experts in Sourcing best practices and certainly not experts in your own priorities and requirements. Have an expert on hand who can hear the many options available and help interpret how each does/does not meet your objectives. Take the time to understand the downstream impact of configuration options before finalizing. Some features may only be available under certain configuration circumstances which are mutually exclusive and, as a result, you may end up choosing between key features when you were expecting to get both. Approval workflow is based on groups and there is no opportunity to direct to a specific individual within a group. For example, if there are a group of financial advisors who must approve a PO, there cannot be one group for financial advisors and the PO routes to the one in a given dept. Each financial advisor must be in their own group then assigned to a template. This requires the same number of ordering templates as financial advisors. It does work, but it creates a complex environment.

Proactis Purchase-to-Pay

Procurement platform upgrade not adoptable to our internal process.

The support portal is not flexible with turn around time. The recent upgrade of Proactis was forcing our internal process to change instead of meeting our requests with the current process of purchasepoint which is reaching EOL.