3 out of 5.0 (5 ratings)
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SciQuest Sourcing Director

Implementation was fanatic. Frequent product updates have minimal impact to users.

System works well. Their customer service has changed a bit since they've grown in this field.

SciQuest Contract Director (On-Prem - Legacy)

Nice product but made promises that they did not keep.

After using product for a year, received a notification that they will not support an on-premise option. For specific reasons, using a cloud option does not work for us.

SciQuest Sourcing Director, SciQuest Total Contract Manager

Implementation was easy, however the tool has a lot more enhancements to be robust.

I am in the alignment of the purpose of the tool, however, it does not provide the customization needed to be more efficient.

SciQuest Spend Director

Great product with a great implementation team.

Very knowledgeable vendor team although many changes in personnel over the length of the project.

SciQuest Total Contract Manager

Implementation was easy but needs additional features to complete the toolbox.

The product has worked to our standards for the most part. There have been a few integration issues and support not availble.