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Xeeva Procure to Pay

Building structure from the ground up.

The Xeeva team has been very supportive in all aspects of integration set up and launch. While we are not completely launched at all sites; the remaining will happen the mid year 2017. Any issues that arise are detailed with root cause analysis and a correction all in a timely manner.

Xeeva Supplier Collaboration

Satisfaction with Xeeva

Very thorough and experienced staff.

Xeeva Procure to Pay

Great experience , always improving

Use Xeeva is a great experience all the info, records and reports you need are in the same system. Their Result Desk is always willing to assist you and give you solutions to your concerns and questions. The platform is totally friendly and really easy to use, the users feel comfortable and happy handling with it. The implementation was a little bit complicated because the system we were using at the moment and all the information we have to obtain from the involved areas. There are some additional features that are ongoing to complete meeting all our requirements.