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Metalogix ControlPoint FTW

Vendor was very supportive prior to purchase and after purchase with install and configuration. Using this tool allows for visibility and streamlining Administrative functions (without having to revert to PowerShell). Huge value in our envorinment was Backing up Site Permissions and duplicating someone's permissions. Saved me hours and hours of time trying to gather without using this tool.

Migration Expert (For SharePoint)

Implementation went well because of good communication with the vendor.

We used the Metalogix tool to migrate a SharePoint 2010 environment to Office 365 SharePoint Online. We purchased licenses through Metalogix but used a third party vendor to implement the migration. Overall the experience went well as the effort was successful. One of the driving factors to the success was the use of third party vendor that had a relationship with Metalogix. The third party vendor was able to directly contact Metalogix to aid in the migration effort when they had questions on implementation or ran into issues. Metalogix was a collaborative partner with our implementation team because of this and even provided timely updates and hotfixes to the tool when needed.

Migration Expert (For SharePoint), Other...

Useful features

Product works well and is easy to use. Powershell transformers in advanced mode are very useful for automatically assigning metadata on move


Implementation straightforward, complex features and capabilities, took some time to iron

Customer service extraordinary. Willing to correct issues in their product in a large complex environment. We ran into a number of issues due to the maturity of our use of Sharepoint and the complexity of our environment. Our interface into the vendor was able to track the issues and escalate although it took some time to resolve the problems

Archive Manager (Exchange Edition)

Does what we wanted, but not the greatest solution

Installation was easy to do. Once installed performance issues cropped up quickly as we began archiving and journaling mail. Several attempts at configuration changes to improve performance later we were finally able to resolve issues. In production now, users have no complaints, archiving and journaling are working well. Support and documentation are lacking and vendor engagement with me is non-existent. No post install health check or follow up to see satisfaction level, no discussion of product road-map or additional technologies that enhance product.

Migration Expert (For SharePoint)

O365 set up, migraiton training should be included in the support contract,

Technical suppport could be improved more to provide more prompt solution. They could incude some user training sessions in the contract as well


Overall good implementation, stable product

Overall exerpeince was good, the vendor's product offered what we needed, as well as the option to purchase support agreement.


ControlPoint for SharePoint

Actually purchased ControlPoint from original vendor Axceler. Once Metalogix bought the company we had several updates that were buggy and support was rather poor compared to Axceler. Those issues seem to have worked themselves out now.

ControlPoint, Migration Expert (For SharePoint)

Implementation was smooth, support after engagement is severely lacking.

Overall product implementation went relatively smooth. Unforuantly as the product matured issues were introduced into our Production and Test environments. We worked with ControlPoint support to resolve these issue, but had less than normal assistance. Fast forward a couple of years and we are working our way off the platform, as the issues remain.

Archive Manager (Exchange Edition)

Metalogix works like a champ.

This project was an upgrade from an older version (Sunbelt Exchange Archiver) and Metalogix understood the issues and got the upgrade completed on time, on budget and with a high level of professionalism.