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What are Subscription and Recurring Billing Management Solutions?

A “subscription” is a contract between a supplier and a customer for the supply of a product or service over an extended period of time. The price of the subscription may be fixed (for example, access to a digital newspaper for $199 per year), variable depending on the level of usage (for example, mobile phone usage or flight hours on an aircraft engine) or a mix of fixed and usage-based charges. One or more subscriptions are recorded on a “service contract.” “Recurring billing” is the periodic (for example, monthly or annual) invoicing of a customer to collect payment for one or more subscriptions. “Subscription management” is the process of selling new subscriptions and amending existing subscriptions over time.

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"Great for our growing company!"

Everything from the deployment to the customer success check-ins has been very smooth and valuable. We have been using Chargebee for five-plus years, and they have been crucial for our growth. It has been a great tool to create, edit, and cancel subscriptions in a convenient and quick way. They have developed and innovated the platform with new features, such as abandoned cart features, which have helped us win back some revenue.

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"10/10 Would Recommend Stripe for Small Businesses and Contract Production Services!"

Our company uses Stripe to manage and automate both payment and billing services. Stripe has been majorly beneficial to our team of contract designers who receive payments for their work at the close of a project. The seamlessness of these transactions allows our company to focus on big-picture items as we can trust that Stripe handles the rest.

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"BillingPlatform excellent solution for invoicing & reporting needs"

Great product for billing and reporting to improve efficiency and accuracy

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"Worth a try"

Cleverbridge allows me to use the most efficient payment processing services, which makes my work much simpler.

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"Great subscription billing solution with best in class service "

Great solution for management of subscription billing. Very easy to deploy

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"Great tool for modern billing"

Good experience and vision of the market and customer's need for growth

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