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What are Tag Management Software?

A tag management system (TMS) helps to manage the tracking tags used in digital marketing. Tag management systems simplify the deployment and maintenance of JavaScript tags, used in online content to interface with applications such as web analytics, personalization, and advertising. Data can be collected at various points of the customer journey, such as an in-page interaction or page-load event. With TMS, a single tag replaces all other tags and when executed, the tag manager publishes other tags, based on business rules and a common data model. TMS also provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface along with a vast library of tags, triggers & variables.

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"Adobe Experience Platform Launch"

Adobe Experience Platform Launch is a next generation tag management designed to unify data from multiple sources. Goal is to create customer profiles that can be used to uncover insights and aid business transformation.

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"GTM is easy to setup and use for any digital marketing company"

I'm very happy with Google Tag Manager. I've been using it for a few years now and have containers set up for most of our clients. It's easy to set up accounts, which is a big plus and gives us versatility in what we can track on our client's websites.

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"Best service for handling vendors and customer data"

It's the best platform/service for handling vendor tags in which I have been working. They provide a very good documentation too.

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