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FedEx SupplyChain Transportation-Related Services

Good service, management reporting could be improved

Service on-time; US reporting was good overall but surcharges weren't always broken out; Canadian reporting couldn't be provided in CAD

FedEx SupplyChain International Logistics Services, FedEx SupplyChain Warehouse Services

Quick and flawless implementation

They have demonstrated their ability to quickly put in place a consolidation warehouse for our inbound/outbound to/from Canada. We use FedEx for all our small parcels shipments and we are very satisfied with their ability to meet the expected service level, especially since 80% of our shipment are completed from Canada into the US.

FedEx SupplyChain Advanced Supply Chain Services

Detailed analysis is required in order to support execution.

Excellent service and reliability

FedEx SupplyChain Transportation-Related Services, FedEx SupplyChain Warehouse Services

Implementation was easy due to a very detailed SOW with SLA's clearly defined.

Flexibilty and knowledge

FedEx SupplyChain Transportation-Related Services, FedEx SupplyChain Warehouse Services

Still working things out...

Good initial partnership with an indepedent 3PL. FedEx acquired the privately-held 3PL and now over time the relationship is predominantely transactionally-based. Our company is looking to address scalability, flexibility, and value-added services/capabilities to match our planned and organic growth, our changing customer needs, our acknowledgement that our current core business needs to evolve to match the changing needs of our customers and regulatory-driven environment. The relationship is driven by pricing and perceived bare minimum service require,ments. We are in a new "feeling out" phase with FedEx and have yet to really begin discussions on what a true strategic partnership looks like.