Kenco Logistic Services

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Kenco Logistic Advanced Supply Chain Services, Kenco Logistic Warehouse Services

Long-standing partnership became stale and they provided no innovation

We had a long-standing partnership with Kenco, dating back 20+ years. Over time, they clearly became complacent in their management of our warehouse operations and stopped looking for opportunities to drive continous improvement. My organization shares in the blame for the failure as well because we became lax in managing their contract and holding them accountable for performance over the years; with new leadership, Kenco was challenged to deliver on innovation, continuous improvement, and service standards that should be easy for any 3PL with their marketed capabilities to deliver, yet they had not supported the account for so long and they had dug such a deep hole that ultimately they could not recover over 18+ months of attempted remediation.

Kenco Logistic Advanced Supply Chain Services, Kenco Logistic Transportation-Related Services, Kenco Logistic Warehouse Services

Kenco providing end to end supply chain solutions.

Kenco does a good job of partnering to provide end to end solutions for Stryker. They focus on large capital deliveries and do an excellent job. Working with Kenco has been great, they have dedicated 10 IT professionals to our account to help with implamentation due to Stryker's multiple ERP systems.