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What are 3PL?

Gartner defines a third-party logistics (3PL) provider as a commercial firm that provides one or more logistics functions on behalf of its customers on an outsourced basis for a fee. To be a 3PL, the logistics service provider (LSP) must predominantly operate a business that moves, stores or manages products or materials on behalf of its customer, in some manner, without taking ownership of such products or materials. Third-party logistics providers offer many traditional services, such as: • Transportation management and brokerage • Warehousing, consolidation, distribution and fulfillment (contract logistics) • International logistics management (such as air and ocean freight forwarding and customs brokerage)

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"DHL International Logistics Services - Gartner Review."

DHL is one of the best service provide when it comes to international logistics.

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"FedEx Logistics - Review"

Fedex is the best among all in the current market.

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"DHL Supply Chain"

Very Good overall experience from the DHL team, they treat you like a partner and provide support where needed

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"Flexible solution to cover all market options"

KN offer the flexible solution during the epidemic years, with help us stable the supply chain also with reasonable cost, this is very important for us and our customer.

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"Customized cross border logistics by expeditors International Logistics Services."

Expeditors International Logistics Services offers a very efficient and competitive cross-border logistics. there ate customized servicer on offer to suit your business need.

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"Solution and service oriented!"

2020 was our first year with full service with Geodis and in a year like this full of uncertainty, Geodis came up with great solutions and provided uninterrupted service with competitive rates.

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"Geodis Warehouse Services Review"

Our organization was facing lots of problem in warehouse logistics, but with the Geodis warehouse service it become easy and efficient, during the pandemic time also the support were awesome with quick response.This resolve the storage solution and reduce the inventory cost. It also manage the logistics in cost-effectively. Its capability of automate the solution for warehouse are great which increase the productivity and reduce the cost in inventory operations.

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"Leader in employee capability and use of technology"

Forwarder with the strongest technology capability and using technology as a competitive advantage. Strong personal commitment from their employee base. Strongest overall employee capabilities. Tend to be a bit more expensive than other forwarders.

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"CEVA has been a solid partner. Customer centric and customized cold chain solution"

During pandemic, CEVA has shown great resilience and solid partnership by providing customized solutions during tough period in airline industry. CEVA Account Manager and team are very experienced in the industry & have worked very well to ensure illumina shipments move efficient through providing customize solution through end to end stringent logistics requirements. During this time, KPI have been met and great communication & proactiveness from the team.

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"Overall transition with this provider was very seamleess!"

Very pleased with the services and support they are providing.

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"Keep Up The Great Work Bollore"

We take advantage of Bollore's global logistics presence. Their expertise and dedication to providing superior customer service are what keep my company their customer. We are a US based company with operations across the globe. We import and export a myriad of products in the energy sector. Crossing borders is tricky business, and pitfalls are common when you're not supported by the right company. We know Bollore understands the complexity of the various trade laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate. We utilize that expertise to ensure our products move efficiently, safely, and in compliance with all regulatory requirements. They provide all this, coupled with cost competitive services when compared to other companies in the arena.

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"Outstanding performance from the Byhalia team"

The K&N team in Byhalia does an outstanding job. This is the best team I have ever worked with in 3rd warehousing.

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