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Talent Management Cloud

Need to find a good consultant to help out


Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management

Implementation and customization were complicated but the system has be 100% stable.

Stability of service is an Oracle strength but ease of support is not. Using a third party vendor to navigate the SR process was necessary for the Project team which consisted of mostly HR staff.

Talent Management Cloud

Cumbersome platform and takes a lot of training sessions in order to use

This platform was a struggle initially but we working on the implementation process. The program itself it very cumbersome. There are almost too many options available to the users which make them confused. I was a little uneasy to use this platform and am still learning new things about it each time I use it.

Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management

Easy implementation, improvements needed in comms

Our experience with Oracle as a provider has been quite good in general. We have experience som uncertainty with comms around future releases r12 but apart from that, happy customer.

Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management

Unmatured product which needs massive improvements in integration and UI

The major advantage is implementing SAAS in cloud. There are various limitation with the application functionality and integration. Does not have a robust integration tool set to build interfaces and consume any type of files. The file format is very specific to the application and rest api's are not widely available. The UI does not provide a good experience as well.


Good product but not as Intuitive in configuration

good experience overall

Fusion Compensation, Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management

Implementation was challenging as Oracle support is very slow.

Oracle moves so slowly to respond to support tickets

Fusion Compensation

Amazing capabilities with better insights into data.

Even though the Talent Management module was a SaaS solution which was new, the capabilities provided by the product were very much in need for the business. It was an interesting experience to be adopting a new product which not only put us on the leading edge but also on the bleeding edge. The issues identified were however resolved by the vendor and got us going.

Talent Management Cloud

Product enablement was smooth but integrations proved to be challenging.

Overall good product but integration was difficult.

Talent Management Cloud

Oracle Cloud HCM - Warning, not yet ready for the prime time.

Product roadmap is already a year behind schedule and is getting further delayed. Alternate cloud strategy announced by Oracle for 2016 is a concern for this iteration of the cloud. Product is not integrated with the acquired components of itself, nor is it integrated with the rest of the architecture. Confusion abounds on what are / are not the Fusion vs Taleo vs. TM components.