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Great Account Management Team, but huge disconnect between sales and implementation

The vendor was great to work with during the Sales phase, but proved more difficult to work with once the sale was closed. Based on the vendor's organizational structure, there was a disconnect between the sales/account management team in terms of what they quoted for functionality and implementation and the project management/implementation team. Typically, a vendor would send an implementation team to be onsite to help the customer configure the system (e.g., determine requirements, layout of the pages, needed functionality), but that was not the case with PeopleFluent - they provided us an Excel workbook with the intent of us completing it on our own, which once completed would be sent to them to then build. We did finally work it out to where their Project Manager joined us by weekly conference calls to guide us through completing the workbook. This project definitely produced many lessons learned for both us and the team at PeopleFluent


High performing LMS - easy to use, manage, and customize.

What worked well: The strong relationship with Paul Hawkins, our assigned implementation trainer/specialist from PeopleFluent; the speed of response with tickets during implementation (which is currently still very quick); the ease of deployment/implementation of the system. What didn't work well: issues with data configuration requirements by our organization for the system to run easily.


PeopleFluent worked with us for years using their RMS system

PeopleFluent worked with us for years using their RMS system. We had excellent customer service and they had the ability to have API to our data. We had confidence that there would be high customer service after the sale. The implementation was well laid out and the PeopleFluent consultants were truly best of the best. We have had a long relationship and look at the future of innovation as key drivers of our success together.


Solid product, but definite application integration challenges exist.

The product functionality is solid, but there are challenges we experienced with the lack of integration between various modules.



Easy to adapt user interface, integration challenges with existing HR systems

The user interface was very easy to adapt. Spent a lot of time cleaning up the data, and it was not as easy to integrate with the existing HR systems.