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Workday Human Capital Management

Out of the box functionality was spectacular. The system integration not so much!

The vendor's software has provided enhanced functionality to our enterprise and the ability to leverage a large online community has proven to be a huge asset. However, the System Integrator which Workday recommended based upon customer satisfaction scores turned out to be a huge disappointment. Midway through our implementation, the integrator was acquired by a Fortune 500 firm and the effect was immediate. The implementation date slipped almost immediately and the quality of the work suffered as well.

Workday Human Capital Management

Workday Implementation

So far, things seem to be going well. There are some limitation based on what we would like the software to do but the advantages outweigh those limitations.

Workday Human Capital Management

In-depth assessment of 3rd party integrations/dependencies required besides feature gaps

Overall experience satisfactory given that Workday was an evolving product

Workday Human Capital Management, Other...

Successful Implementation

mostly positive experience with a few cons and pos

Workday Human Capital Management

Easy implementation, But usability issues with product

Still usability issues. Not easy to extend.

Workday Human Capital Management

Great company to deal with once in steady state. But be careful during the transition

Excellent technical and business support from the Workday team. Workday has a lot of evidences to provide confidence in how they manage security and compliance.

Workday Human Capital Management

Relatively quick implementation to begin self service

Good product. Sound functionality. Good user interface

Workday Human Capital Management

Beware of putting all your eggs in one basket for HRM and Workday

Over promised on add-in functionality that was not within their core competency. Both the vendor and our HR teams should have been more attune to deficits in capabilities of the prescribed system in comparison to prior product mix. All cost savings of moving to the cloud suite of tools was lost due to having to move part of the functionality back to the original provider (benefits). To be clear, Workday did exactly with they promised. Unfortunately, they also knew exactly what the HR team needed and did not walk away from the sale on the functionality that was not a fit for our company. We paid for implementation they knew would fail. Ultimately HR signed a contract without VMO review and the VMO was called in to "fix" the iron clad agreement. It was our organizations' fault. When we asked to negotiate a different value back to our company knowing we could not use the benefits module, Workday was inflexible. Lesson learned: Do not be enamored with the whole suite of tools in the cloud. Make sure every module will work to your expectations before you sign the contract.

Workday Human Capital Management

Implementation was easy but requires more work to fully make it funtional.

It was a great experience considering our very aggressive timelines.

Workday Human Capital Management

Human Capital meets agility

Features and functionality and speed with which we were able to utilize. Time to value was excellent.