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Implementation was good, but make sure someone understands your Plans.

The implementation was good, but we have struggled with the release of shares (RSUs and Performance Shares) based on timing of their system and our payroll processing. We have decided to do the calculations ourselves and then feed the information back into Fidelity.


lack of Implementation process for accounting team and numbers

We had two phases in our implementation proces. First phase was HR related, making sure all the files were uploaded correctly. The second phase was expense related, making sure all the expense was uploaded correctly. The first phase had weekly deliverables over five months until the go-live date, which was realatively seemless. The second phase has been like pulling teath to get support on and is still in the testing phase - 23 months later. Our office is small so we had one accountant and one HR representative on the implementation team. HR had their hand held until the live date while accounting waited our turn. We went live and accounting was left sitting there. Information was uploaded incorrectly because the system requirements were not made clear. Hundreds of hours have been wasted trying to reconcile our current numbers with the new system.