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RingCentral Office

Easy and user friendly

Slight issues with phone disconnect randomly but overall had a great experience with the way the system works.

RingCentral Office

Easy to launch with support available as needed.

Deployment was manageble and support was available.

RingCentral Office

The perfect phone system for a sales team

Ring Central has been a great addition to our company as we have, and in the process, of moving all our processes into cloud based systems. This was the step we took for our business lines to do so as we can easily add new employees at little cost and can use a desktop or phone. Great for a company with many sales reps. Issues we have is some minimal disconnects from the internet which puts our phones out of use for a few minutes. Also, some of the desk phones we purchased will decide when and if they want to work on their own accord. I suggest not purchasing phones from Ring Central and just stick to a cell phone app or desktop with headset.

RingCentral Office

Implementation was smooth and well managed but needed some level setting and acclimation

Strong implementation methodology across the backend Project Management services and front end deployment team.

RingCentral Office

Excellent value - lots of features for little $$

Very quick response to calls and emails for support. Overall, great service for the cost.

RingCentral Office

Start to finish great team to work with

From the begining our sales rep was awesome. Once we signed an order, we were passed to the project management team. Great experience there. We talked with their implementation/user training team and they had great material to share with our users that needed little to no modifying. We are now in the process of rolling out our European offices.

RingCentral Office

Very Pleased with Ring Central

Bandwidth is a factor in voice quality and phone connectivity, but other than that everything has worked as expected and excllent.

RingCentral Office

Great for a small business with no real IT department

A very simple service that is easy for a small business with no real IT support to install and maintain. Support has been fantastic. Other features like audio/video conferencing are more difficult to use.


Features are always being added and capabilities are very impressive.

It was a bit of a learning experience as we rolled it out. We tested Cisco phones and Polycom phones. We decided on Polycom because the user interface is more appealing and more Presence buttons are available. QoS needs to be configured on network routers to have the best experience.

RingCentral Office

Have the process down well

Has moved along right on track so far. They were good about setitng expectations for number transfers etc., so no disappointments with slow transfers. They have the implementation process down very well, and very mature process.