Fuze (formerly ThinkingPhones)

3.2 out of 5 (5 Ratings)

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Fuze UCaaS

Consolidating disparate on-premise PBX solutions into an enterprise class UCaaS solution

Fuze did a great job with identifying and listening to our pain points and specific business cases, and responding with a solution focused on meeting our needs. They were also able to be very aggressive with pricing in order to meet our budgetary constraints.

Fuze UCaaS

Smooth implementation and quick path to UCaaS. Well done.

Extremely good overall impression. The sales and selection process was clear. The implementation revolved around an experienced and helpful team and proceeded in a highly organised fashion. Handoff to live status and support since then has been good. We made a lot of moves all at once- moving a company with offices in the USA and Holland into new facilities with all new technology in a three month period took a lot of preparation, and the Fuze team came through.

Fuze UCaaS

Overall bad vendor. Largely rebranded open source projects they don't know how to use.

Pro: With G.729, VOIP quality is adequate without an MPLS. Cons: Very misleading sales team. They overstated system capabilities, specifically regarding reporting and analytics. Flat lied about having an existing integration with CRM and Support Ticketing systems. Miss represented their API's availability and robustness. Implementation/provisioning team was slow and incompetent at best, as characterized by there lack of subject knowledge, incessant irrelivant follow up questions and lack of results. We would hear, "I'll note that and follow up with an answer to your question on our next call." with nearly every provisioning question and often never got a direct answer. It was not long before our team knew we had made a bad choice, thankfully we were able to port our numbers to a 3rd vendor for forwarding to there system. This move likely saved us with regard to downtime do to poor porting coordination. On going support has followed suite, often unresponsive, incorrect information given and consistently poor experiences overall.

Fuze UCaaS, ThinkingPhones UCaaS

Inflexible approach, procedure driven. Don't build collaborative relationship.

The sales team are quick to promise, but not accurate. We had to compromise in a few areas once we realised they could not deliver. Basic MAC requests were very slow, now just about bearable. Would prefer a complete self-service model. Repeated implementation issues - they don't learn from previous deployments. Don't listen well, often try to react before understanding what the scope of the request is. Their on-site team to install our new desk phones was laughable. Very unprofessional and caused more clean up work for our in-house team once they had gone.

Fuze UCaaS

Not a good selection.

Unable to deliver on feature commitments and acceptable service levels.