3.6 out of 5 (16 Ratings)

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Avaya Phones

Implementation was good, an online presence with the phone with make better.

This has worked well. We also enjoy the bluetooth capabilities.

IP Office

Easy to implement. Easy to use

Easy to implement

Aura Platform

Implementation was hard and very complex but operation is going fine


Aura Platform

Avaya Rollout experiencecd many hurdles.

Avaya support is difficult to contact. Our Avaya support person has changed multiple times and has been hard to form a relationship ship.

IP Office

A lot of functionality compared to other systems in the marketplace.

Great service although agreements are a little costly.

Aura Platform

Avaya product is good, support is bad.

Avaya’s support model is to push it to their partners. The partners are not motivated to call Avaya for assistance because of cost. Avaya won't be called until all avenues have been exhausted. This sometimes leaves issues unresolved and thus our end users suffer.

Aura Platform

Company is only a vendor and not a partner - take the money and run.

Avaya and 3rd party vendor provided quipment that was towards end of life and had recalls on them without sharing this. PM was not on site at cutover. follow up support was very poor. Unwilling to provide resolution to address issues without spending added funding.

Aura Platform

Great product with superior support, that has excellent knowledge of the solution.

Great knowledge of technical specifications of the solution and how it compares with the other solutions in the market. The vendor has the ability to answer our doubts and comply/adjust our expectations.

Aura Platform

Solution is scalable and it has lots of features but could not have all.

Solution is scalable.

Aura Platform

Good product and vendor support

To start again, we would choose Avaya.