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Avaya Aura Solution for Midsize Enterprise, Avaya Phones

Implentation was easy

Very good

Avaya Phones

Simple to use. Multiple possibilities.

Good experience. Vendor helped us with implamentation.

Avaya Phones, IP Office

Let's get technical and show me with a video

Technical service could be improved upon in the initial set up of the client facing communication.

Avaya Phones

Avaya For calls

The experience using the Avaya system is not bad at all. We hardly have any down time or should I say system issues. Its once in a blue moon and most times we see it coming. Especially for a scheduled update.

Avaya Phones

Good value, rough conversion.

The system was a good value for the licensing credits that we received, but given a bigger budget I would have gone with Cisco. Installation was not as smooth as I would have wanted it to be, but now that the bugs have been worked out it is a stable system and meets our needs.

Avaya Phones

Vendor can make or break the project

Initial setup and deployment had a lot of issues due to many of the techs being more "telephone" guys than data guys. That definitely caused issued with deploying the project through a phone vendor.

Aura Platform, Avaya Aura Solution for Midsize Enterprise, Avaya Phones

Love the product, hate the service

My experience with Avaya before Isagenix was excellent, however, their policy changes impact accessibility to an Avaya expert. This forces the company to use the business partner with less experience even though we are required to purchase maintenance and provide a SAL connection. We should be able to communicate directly with Avaya in the event of an emergency.

Avaya Phones

Easy rollout. As advertised.

Experience was very strong. Streamlined, clearly communciated rollout over a multi-facility layout. Very little issues outside of getting employees used ot the new phone setup.

Avaya Phones

Smooth Implementation and Reliable

The Avaya phone system we implemented has been smooth. The phone system integrated easily into our existing network and is scalable to adapt as we grow.


Avaya Phones, IP Office

Avaya providing

I was very impressed with how Avaya services were from start to finish. Their communication from start of the project till the finish were glowing.