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Aura Platform, Avaya Aura Solution for Midsize Enterprise, Avaya Phones

Love the product, hate the service

My experience with Avaya before Isagenix was excellent, however, their policy changes impact accessibility to an Avaya expert. This forces the company to use the business partner with less experience even though we are required to purchase maintenance and provide a SAL connection. We should be able to communicate directly with Avaya in the event of an emergency.

Avaya Phones

Easy rollout. As advertised.

Experience was very strong. Streamlined, clearly communciated rollout over a multi-facility layout. Very little issues outside of getting employees used ot the new phone setup.

Avaya Phones

Smooth Implementation and Reliable

The Avaya phone system we implemented has been smooth. The phone system integrated easily into our existing network and is scalable to adapt as we grow.


Avaya Phones, IP Office

Avaya providing

I was very impressed with how Avaya services were from start to finish. Their communication from start of the project till the finish were glowing.

Avaya Phones

Very Stable phone system

These phone systems are easy to use and have never gone down to my knowledge.

IP Office

Easy to implement. Easy to use

Easy to implement

Aura Platform

Implementation was hard and very complex but operation is going fine


Aura Platform, Avaya Phones

Communications between the vendor during implementation was excellent.

The vendor team responsible with our implementation had a detailed layout from the initial development through deployment on our production environment.

Avaya Aura Solution for Midsize Enterprise, Avaya Phones

Great platform, rich feature set and mature implementation plan

The project went well, within the time limit (very short time in fact global deployment) - single solution for global configuration. The consuting partner is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, from design, inventory, logistics planning, cut-over and post--go-live support. Avaya Aura platform is fairly mature platform. Certain modules/functions are not as good as others (like web conference) but otherwise overall it is a reliable and satisfactory platform. We deployed on-prem but managed and owned by Avaya.

Aura Platform

Avaya Rollout experiencecd many hurdles.

Avaya support is difficult to contact. Our Avaya support person has changed multiple times and has been hard to form a relationship ship.