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Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Easy to administer, but the learning curve is steep

The software has a pretty steep learning curve, but once you get used to how it operates, it is decently easy to administer.

Cisco WebEx

Implementation was easy, support structure is solid.

Implementation was easy, the support structure is solid. No problems really so far.

Cisco WebEx

Leveraging technology to enhance productivity and attract a modern workforce

Third party vendors vary in their responsiveness to business need using the same core technologies. Utilizing a competitive process did allow for the best value for dollars spent.

Cisco WebEx

Need to improve implementation service and support

Implementation and customer success team provided very little guidance as to product setup and customization options.

Cisco WebEx

Implementation and deployment has been very easy

Implementation and deployment has been very easy. Users pick this system up pretty quickly. The Webex system works very well for our needs.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco WebEx

It provided us more than just a replacement to our legacy phone systems.

We've had the product in our environment for 6+ years and it has matured and improved over the years. 6 years later and we continue to benefit from enhancements and new features that are being implemented in the product.

Cisco WebEx

A good product

it worked well and fine

Cisco WebEx

Good remote support solution.

Very easy to implement and use.

Cisco WebEx

Excellent product, horrible service

The implementation service was fine, but post-implementation service was atrocious when reporting reproducible bugs. One bug we experienced that was very disruptive to end users, and was reported up the chain, most service representatives responded with "That shouldn't happen". Which is why we're reporting it to you....

Cisco Business Edition 6000 (BE6000), Cisco Unified Communications Manager

BE6K for small/medium business

Overall this was a great a experience. Switch to VoIP saved us a ton of money over our previous phone service provider. The BE6K was the right size/fit for our organization.