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Cisco WebEx

Webex Review

It has been great so far.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Innovative, but not easy to manage

Very innovative product that will help with productivity, you do need expertise (SME) for management unless you chose cloud solution.

Cisco WebEx

Cisco webex works great at work, not so much remotely

Some people do have trouble accessing Webex from home. Not sure why

Cisco WebEx

Very good video conferencing and easy to use

Everything has worked well. audio has given some trouble though

Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco WebEx

Meetings with convience

We couldn't be more pleased with the performance of Web Ex. We are an Education institution and are scatterd throughout the county. Web Ex has provided us a solution to have video and audio meetings without wasting time traveling to and from: tremendous time saver.

Cisco WebEx

WebEx for an organization

We use WebEx for hosting larger company events such as town hall meetings. This allows all employees not local to the meeting to still attend. We also use WebEx to collaborate on problem resolution and general meetings when employees cannot get together in the same conference room.

Cisco WebEx

WebEx Allows For Distributed Team Management

Cisco has always provided a quality experience for us.

Cisco WebEx

Implementation was easy but errors were difficult to find the root cause of.

The implementation had several issues, while overall it went really well the West service provider was able to provide the support we needed when we needed it.

Cisco WebEx

Webex is easy to use, but we need help using advanced features

The solution is always available, performance is good and very easy to use the basic functionality of the solution is very inutitive

Cisco WebEx

Industry standard solution that delivers what it promises

Solid vendor with a proven track record. The technology performs as desired.