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Cisco WebEx

Great for full scale interaction across all platforms.

Great seamless multi device platform (video conferencing, phones, messenger, etc) . Can be integrated with existing office products.

Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise

Planning is everything. Be ready for anything and go for it

Cisco is a solid platform that provided many of the features that we were looking for. They were not the least expensive bid by far and that almost had us changing our minds but we stuck to a proven history of quality products and good customer support. We employed the assistance of a third party vendor to assist with a smooth transition for our users and it paid dividends. There is a big difference between managing a CallManager system and configuring one from the ground up. On the night of the cutover we were all fairly certain something was going to catch us by suprise but that was not the case. We went live the next day with new phone lists on everyones desk and the day went very smooth. We were showing people how to use the new phones more than troubleshooting issues. A good team is the best way to make a project like this a sucess and we had one.

Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, Cisco WebEx, Other...

Webex CMR good product but challenging presenting overall technology to user base

Webex CMR (Cloud Meeting rooms) allowed us to forgo expensive onpremise video / room system bridging hardware & software. The inclusion of CMR under WebEx was a plus and a pay as you utalize approch

Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco WebEx

Uptime & usability

Generally good but considering it is a crucial application for golbal organization, any setbacks such as WebEx not being able to start or not being able to call back are HUGE issues however less they are in terms of probability, as the impact is HUGE, the overall risk is HUGE

Cisco Unified Communications

Implementation was a little challenging but well worth the final results

Very good communications

Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco WebEx

Cisco Collaboration Provides Much Needed Services

Cisco solution has been good and services our company well.

Cisco Unified Communications

Complex upgrade that needed good planning

Application is mature and integrates well.

Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco WebEx

Excellent CISCO Services and Hardware

My overall experience has been fine

Cisco WebEx

Implementation was smooth and customization was not challenging.

Proven solution. Straightforward to implement.

Cisco Unified Communications

Stable Solution, Poor UX, increasing prices after initial installation.

Prices = each year , service contracts had increased costs. Good Initial prices , but upgrades or expansions expensives. Price model changing from time to time, changed our initial business case ( going bad) UX = Poor Third parts integration (p.e. Skype for business)= poor